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Domains Whitelisting Policy For Google Apps For Work

G Suite Whitelist Domain Policy For Goolge Apps Users

Domain whitelist is one of the most lookout for feature in a business environment where data security and client confidentiality are super priorities. G Suite Whitelist domain will allow the employee to access only the emails of the particular domain (Google Apps domain of which the Google admin is the owner) and its sub domain restricting access to previous companies email account or any other domain accounts present on Google Apps.

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Email Whitelisting Service of SSO1 (gControl) In Brief

Let us assume you are the admin of xyz.com domain and you have a number users working for your organization under xyz domain on Google Apps. As a Google Apps admin or owner of Google Apps domain one of the major concern for you must be Google Apps security.

Now what is needed to be done to prevent your employees from accessing the email of Google Apps for his/her previous organization or any other organization which are on Google Apps?

G Suite Whitelist Domain is the one stop email white listing service solution to prevent access into Google app domains except the domains white listed by the admin.

This makes sure that you as a Google Apps Admin is certain that your users can access only the emails under your domain or any other subdomains that you have.


  1. Email whitelisting will ensure data security and client confidentiality by controlling Google Apps access to domain whitelisted by Google Apps admin
  2. Stop users from accessing previous email accounts on Google Apps by whitelisting domains.
  3. Control access on to your particular organizational domain on Google Apps and any other sub domain within the organization.

G Suite Whitelist Domain FAQ

Yes absolutely you can do it in simple few steps by Google Apps Whitelist Domain service.

G Suite Whitelist Domain

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