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Unique Google Apps Landing Page For Business Emails

G Suite Landing Page Feature For Enterprises

We often require our employees to visit the organizational intranet portal to know about corporate updates, news and events. It is in fact essential for employees to be updated about the latest events at work.

However a very hectic schedule and work pressure often prevents employees from checking the company intranet portal or similar landing pages in business emails to know about latest developments at work and in the industry domain.

Since every employee logs into their office email at least once a day. Integrating the organizational Intranet Portal or creating landing pages in form of Google Drives or Google Slides can help redirecting employees to a particular page or website that the management wants the employee or a particular organizational unit to view.

CloudCodes offers a very attractive feature with their Custom Login Page called 'G Suite Landing Page' which helps the admin to create landing pages for their business email users. These landing pages can be anything ranging from Google Drives / Google Slides or Intranet Portal created using Google Sites.

Google Apps for work admin can add videos, work updates, recent events, awareness campaigns or helpline updates for the employees to view and take advantage of.

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A Brief About The Working of G Suite Landing page

  • Once the employee logs into the business email of the company he/she get immediately redirected to the company landing page (Intranet portal / Google Drive / Google slides).
  • The setting of the SSO1 (gControl) Landing Pages are set in such a manner that the employee is bound to read the text (Important text that is meant to be read) and can proceed into checking emails only after clicking ok.
  • Employees will be automatically logged out of the business email if they opt on clicking 'cancel' button on the landing page.
  • This ensures that the information that is intended to reach the employee or a particular organizational unit has reach them.

The process of integrating G Suite Landing Page is quite simple. All it need is to add the URL to which the Google Apps Admin intends to redirect the employee after logging into the business email.

Google Apps Landing Page FAQ

Any Google page like Google Drive, Google Calendar or Portal of your organization created with Google Sites portal can be set as a landing page.

G Suite Landing Page

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