G Suite Time Based Restriction

Time Based Restriction To Have Stronger Access Control For Google Apps

G Suite Time Based Restriction

Are you struggling to restrict your employees from completing the work at hand within a particular time slot? It has been noted many a times that employees extend their working hours to get entitled to overtime bonus and other such facilities.

To bind your employees to work only during the stipulated amount of time it is necessary to control their access to cloud application for work.

G Suite Time Based access restriction policies allows Google apps admin to restrict users from using google apps after a specific slot in a day. Such Time based restriction or Time based access control can be set for an organizational unit or for a subset of user to restrict access accordingly. The admin can utilize such time based restriction by defining the time slots during which cloud applications can be accessed.

If the user tries to violate the policy, a report is generated for the admin and the user will not allowed to log into their business email enforcing Google Apps security and access controls.

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  • The users who need to be forced to use Google Apps during working hours.
  • The users are not allowed to use Google Apps during the weekends.


  • Time Based  restriction policies or time based access control of Google Apps enables the admin to define policies for an Organizational Unit or Subset of User restricting access control for a particular slot of the day.

G Suite Time Based Restriction FAQ

Yes, absolutely SSO1 (gControl) allows you to set the policies according to your organizational requirement.

G Suite Time Based Restriction

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