04 Apr

Achieving Enterprise Cloud Security Combating Hurdles In The Path

The guidelines for cloud compliance keep changing. With ever visible headlines in news media about the issues the enterprises are facing today with enterprise cloud security in the light of PRISM and then an increasing number of new security vendors offering different cloud security solutions, enterprise cloud security could really be a very tough battle to beat.

27 Mar

Best Practices for Cloud Security in Manufacturing Industry

Every business has its own unique selling points, and specifically in the manufacturing industry, companies are always on their toes to find a product that may outshine them in the market and keep them abreast of every potential competitor that might challenge them. Creating a product that stands out in the market is the foremost challenge, and to keep its formula secret is an onus task in itself.

28 Feb

IAM Security – Data Access Balanced With Data Security

Those days when we used “123” as our password have passed and they are now long behind this current time now. The current industry seems quick in adopting the practices that demand longer passwords comprising of upper, lower and special characters as well as digits. However, analytics and IT professionals can identity any suspicious activities on their networks to identify any such malicious attempts with common user-patterns as per the password patterns as well as changes.

06 Apr

GSuite - End User Consent Update

On 3rd April 2017 Google announced an update through their blog post will affect gControl customers. The update is more critical as it affects all the end users of the domain.

06 Dec

Best Practices for Google Apps Security

Today organizations are moving towards the cloud. Thanks to the flexibility and omnipresence that the cloud computing provides to your organization. You don’t need to own or maintain any infrastructure. You can access, work and share from multiple locations and devices.

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