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CloudCodes Name in Top 10 Security Solution Providers Listed in the Industry Era Magazine

CloudCodes Name in Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Providers Listed in the Industry Era Magazine

Considering the data security gaps faced by many small, medium and big enterprises while adopting cloud-based work environment and understanding that cloud security is the need of the hour, CloudCodes venture took shape and it did not take very long for the company to reach up to the level where it is today. CloudCodes has been featured as one of the top 10 security solution providers in the well known Industry Era Magazine.

No sooner did the company ventured into cloud security, they realized that the gaps were huge and almost omnipresent and almost all big and small organizations are facing somewhat similar kinds of challenges as per their business verticals commonly. So, they launched their CASB solutions to best-suit the needs of multiple business verticals as per their security requirements.

The entire CloudCodes team is proud to be listed in Industry Era Magazine as top security solution provider. Congratulating the whole team, Mr. Debasish Pramanik, Co-Founder of CloudCodes, also showed his satisfaction with the team-work done in the CloudCodes quarters and encouraged the team members further to keep up the good further in the future as well.

More the companies moving into cloud, more is the likelihood of data breaches augmenting in their premises due to uncontrolled data access given to the employees, which is done with a business angle, which is to provide flexibility to increase productivity, but security concerns arise where cautiousness rests. CloudCodes CASB solutions enables the companies to enjoy the merits of cloud working environments without compromising on their data security. With time and with experience, the solutions of the Company have improved and today they are offering an array of highly useful data security solutions to companies around the world. The Industry Era Magazine feature is yet another feather in the cap of CloudCodes, and it is no wonder that the company is listed amongst the top 10 cloud security providers. Team, CloudCodes has taken this as token of appreciation of their hard work and is motivated further to keep going with the work with much more diligence to deliver their best efforts.

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