Cloud Firewall for Cloud Applications

300+ customers across the world are using CloudCodes cloud control solution to protect their organization from unauthorized access and data security. The customers includes banks, financial institutions, leading automobile firms, manufacturing firms, startups etc-etc..

The solution provides a layer of access control on top of cloud based SaaS applications such as G suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, Zoho, freshDesk etc-etc. The solution is first choice among its customers to overcome the challenges of going to Cloud.

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What our customers are saying...

Scalable & Robust CASB solution

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Insights into cloud application usage within the organisation. Determines how the data of the cloud application have been used.

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Strong authentication techniques to ensure data access is secured and safe. Multiple mode of authentication.

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Audit of access to cloud applications including the FIVE W’s i.e WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, WHY.

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Access Control

Prevent access by unauthorized users to cloud applications based on various attributes.

Recognition & Certifications

Rising Star User Experience
  • Cloud Startup to watch
  • SOC2 Type I
  • Sky High Certified
  • NASSCOM Product Emerge League of 10
  • RedHerring Asia Top 100
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