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Access Control for cloud security

Given the ease of universal access that cloud environment provides, it has become crucial for enterprises to keep a real-time surveillance on all data access and user behavior as far as the corporate data is concerned. With operations in the cloud, organizations are looking for ways to gain granular control over their users and data so as to protect unauthorized access to sensitive data and ensuring confidentiality of data is not being compromised.

CloudCodes for Business, our CASB solution, provides Access Control that caps user access to avoid unexpected and inevitable data breaches that can otherwise induce great losses to organizations. CloudCodes CASB’s Access Control solution enables organizations to impose certain restriction policies for ensuring absolute Security Control by providing proper control and visibility into how the data of the enterprise is getting used, in & from the cloud, whereby, controlling the access to that data. Access Control can impose policies like IP Restriction, Device Restriction, etc. to ensure data access is done by an authorized user, both inside and/or outside the organization.

Scalable & Robust CASB solution

Browser Restriction for Enterprise - CloudCodes CASB SolutionBrowser Restriction for Enterprise - CloudCodes CASB Solution Browser Restriction
IP Restriction - CloudCodes CASB SolutionIP Restriction - CloudCodes CASB Solution IP Restriction:

Restrict users to office and branch networks by enforcing IP restriction to all the users or a subset of users for controlled access.

  • Restrict user or a subset of users to IP address
  • Policy based restriction to provide a very granular control
  • Map users to one or more IP address
  • No local installation or firewall settings or changes required

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Time Restriction - CloudCodes CASB SolutionTime Restriction - CloudCodes CASB Solution Time Restrictions

Restrict users or a subset of users to access Google apps on specific days or during a specific time of the day.

  • Restrict users or a subset of users to time slots
  • Policy based restriction to provide a very granular control
  • Multiple time zone support
  • No local installation required
Device Restriction - CloudCodes CASB SolutionDevice Restriction - CloudCodes CASB Solution Device Restriction

Restrict access of a user to a specific device, laptop/desktop based on the device MAC ID. This includes:

  • Restrict users to one or more Laptop/ Desktop
  • Windows and Mac OS support
  • Self Service Roll Out
  • Admin approval of the devices for easy deployment
Session Timeout - CloudCodes CASB SolutionSession Timeout - CloudCodes CASB Solution Session Timeout

Enforce Session Timeout policy on users to improve the security during user inactivity. This includes:

  • Session timeout by Policy
  • Configure timeout based on no activity of keyboard and mouse on Google Apps applications
  • Configure between 5 mins to few hours of time out
  • Browser extension support on Chrome, Firefox & IE
">Consumer Gmail Block - CloudCodes CASB SolutionConsumer Gmail Block - CloudCodes CASB Solution Consumer Gmail Block

Ensure that your users do not access their personal Gmail account at work by applying Consumer Gmail Block. This feature includes:

  • Block users to access their personal Gmail account
  • Auto logout when detected that user is logged in to personal gmail
  • Notification to Admin or Manager about the access
  • Policy based roll out

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3rd Party App Block - CloudCodes CASB Solution3rd Party App Block - CloudCodes CASB Solution 3rd Party Access Restriction

Enforce policy to restrict user to access 3rd Party apps using official Google Apps Login including:

  • Blocks proactively by preventing the OAuth access
  • Create whitelist of apps which are allowed
  • Report the admin about the access attempt

One of the most preferred CASB solutions by SMBs, CloudCodes integrates multiple solutions to a single console providing all-round security to organizations working in the cloud environment, thus enabling them to create a secure organizational ecosystem by enabling granular control as well as visibility to all their sensitive data on cloud. An organization’s IT admin can impose total security control on the users within and outside the enterprise through various restriction policies that best-suit organization’s requirements using CloudCodes Access Control.

Besides the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easy manageability and scalability offered by any cloud environment, data security is still the prima facie of any technology, which is a thing of concern when any organization moves into a cloud working environment. For ensuring absolute security control, Access Control works as the chief security handle by imposing certain restriction policies. CASB solutions integrated into a single console provided by CloudCodes enable to cap user access in order to tap data transfers in the best interest of any organization.