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All Round Security for G Suite

Google’s G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, is one of the most widely used suite of apps by enterprises around the world. G Suite apps like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. promote ease of use, simplicity and enhanced data sharing within the system, from anywhere in the world, resulting into increased productivity and collaborations within the organizations and their employees.

Given the flexibility that G Suite provides, it has become vital for organizations to be vigilant of all the data activity that is undertaken within the organization and to ensure ample security controls and regulatory compliances are established to protect its sensitive and proprietary data.

CloudCodes for G Suite (formerly known as gControl), an integrated CASB solution by CloudCodes, offers all round security to organizations using G Suite (Google Apps for Work), enabling them to create a secure ecosystem by providing granular control and visibility of all their sensitive data on G Suite. CloudCodes for G Suite gives the IT admin total control on the user behavior within the enterprise G Suite through policy controls, and sends real time alerts and notifications in case of any potential breach. The solution also enables the IT to enforce Access Control policies based on IP address, device, geo location, browser and time - enabling policy enforcements at macro level.

CloudCodes for G Suite is well recognized for its advanced Consumer Gmail Block feature, that enables organizations to block user access to their personal gmail accounts, ensuring no corporate data is transferred outside the enterprise ecosystem. Additionally, CloudCodes for G Suite provides the following features with its integrated CASB solution -

Seamless Security for the Cloud

Access Control for Enterprise - CloudCodes CASB SolutionAccess Control for Enterprise - CloudCodes CASB Solution Access Control
Best Mobile Device Management - CloudCodes CASB SolutionBest Mobile Device Management - CloudCodes CASB Solution MDM- Mobile Device Management

Secure, manage, and monitor any corporate, or employee-owned mobile devices that access business critical data. Keep a track of the complete lifecycle of every device in a single console with mobile device management(MDM) in G Suite from CloudCodes. This includes:

  • Secure access to enterprise app
  • Control access to app based on time, IP and Geolocation
  • For organization that practices BYOD
  • Containerization Support
  • Supports iOS and Android
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Enterprises - Best CASB solutionData Loss Prevention (DLP) for Enterprises - Best CASB solution DLP

Ensure that your end users do not send sensitive information outside the corporate network. CloudCodes DLP policies settings protect sensitive data leakage at any point of time by blocking. This includes:

  • Easy creation of DLP policies for clouds
  • Out of the box compliance check for PII, PCI, PHI, and many others
  • It alerts like any kind of Application
Single Sign On SSO - CloudCodes CASB SolutionSingle Sign On SSO - CloudCodes CASB Solution Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On offers one-click access to all of your applications with one password. Service lets users access cloud, mobile and on-premises apps from any device

  • SAML- Provides single point access, to all apps from predefined access
  • Add multiple users to single access for easy IT monitoring
  • Provisioning/De-provisioning for cloud apps
Identity Management (IAM) solution - Best CASB solutionIdentity Management (IAM) solution - Best CASB solution Identity Management

Manage your customer identification with complete, integrated, next-generation Identity Management platform! It provides an intelligent way to handle identity security for your enterprise

  • Easy Implementation of password policies
  • Self Password Management
  • Supports Multi factor authentication
  • Supports Biometric authentication
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory as Identity Provider (IdP)
Best Value Add-Ons - CLoudCodes CASB SolutionBest Value Add-Ons - CLoudCodes CASB Solution Value Add-Ons

Customized Valuee Add-Ons adds functionality to your G Suite business subscription. Communicate your company vision, mission, values and corporate strategy to employees

  • Custom Login page
  • Employer Branding
  • Broadcast announcement company wide
  • Acceptance of agreement and policies
Shadow- IT

Shadow IT provides the balance between the user needs and enterprise needs for security and compliance

  • Control potential threats like data leakage
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned apps in your cloud
  • Discovery app- maps and identifies your cloud environment and the cloud apps that your organization is using
Consumer Gmail Block - CloudCodes CASB SolutionConsumer Gmail Block - CloudCodes CASB Solution Consumer Gmail Block:

Ensure that your users do not access their personal Gmail account at work by applying Consumer Gmail Block. This feature includes:

  • Block users to access their personal Gmail account
  • Auto logout when detected that user is logged in to personal gmail
  • Notification to Admin or Manager about the access
  • Policy based roll out
Shared Drive - CloudCodes CASB SolutionShared Drive - CloudCodes CASB Solution Shared Drive

Simple document sharing with your team. Shared Drive helps save user’s drive space and get rid of duplicate content, multiple iterations while you work. Save individual drive space, while you give access to all the desired users.

  • Save drive space and increase efficiency
  • Admin can change ownership or move folders inside Shared Drive
  • Inherit folder permission from parent
  • Helps to manage drive space properly