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Value Add-Ons for cloud security

Customize and expand your company branding internally with Corporate Add-Ons feature! CloudCodes offers Corporate Add-Ons that adds a clean, professional look to your Login Dashboard. Set of qualities, values and communicate to all the users across enterprises. Corporate Add-Ons is the best feature to convey the announcements, updates and incorporate company’s philosophy that focuses on bringing the culture, identity, and premises to its employees.

Scalable & Robust CASB solution

Custom Login Page - CloudCodes CASB SolutionCustom Login Page - CloudCodes CASB Solution Custom Login Page
Landing Page - CloudCodes CASB SolutionLanding Page - CloudCodes CASB Solution Landing page

Configure policies to direct the user flow after they login. This promotes efficiency while using Google Sites Portal

  • Enforce users to visit Intranet portal (Google Sites) after login
  • Divert users to portal based on OU Policy
  • Increase the effectiveness and usage of Google Sites in the organization
Login Broadcast - CloudCodes CASB SolutionLogin Broadcast - CloudCodes CASB Solution Login Broadcast

Broadcast rich content and announcements throughout the company, which will be viewed by users upon logging in.

  • Highly configurable policy by OU, frequency, repetition, duration, etc
  • Very effective for awareness programs
  • Programs can be scheduled in advance specially for type of users or group
User Agreement - CloudCodes CASB SolutionUser Agreement - CloudCodes CASB Solution User Agreement

Enforce users to accept organization agreements and policies once they log in

  • Track the user acceptance report
  • Enforcement of the Agreement to the users
  • Update the agreement and enforce the policy again