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CloudCodes for Zoho Security

Strong Safety on Complete Zoho Account

Protect Zoho online cloud software suite and all the SaaS programs for Business to run your overall business on Zoho account resulting in online productivity totally in a safe and secure manner.

Zoho is a cloud service provider, which offers a wide range of applications to aid the online productivity of an enterprise. Its suite is designed with purpose of managing sales, address book, communication, marketing strategy, and other organizational functions. Zoho for cloud offers a set of programs like CRM, Email, HR Solution, etc., providing solutions to the business plan. Founded in 1996, organizations have adopted Zoho in a very rapid manner when they realized its security and granular data control. At this point, there arises a need for cloud access security broker.

CloudCodes for Zoho Security creates an advanced layer of security giving 100% assurance to operators that their confidential data will be safe while using Zoho on cloud. Although Zoho corporations take cloud security in a very serious manner but still, risk exists. So, CloudCodes for Zoho cloud security enables users to manage and control their Zoho activities without any hassle. It permits IT team in protecting their data from any data breaches or leakage in real-time. With CloudCodes, your enterprise will be able to acquire the best out of Zoho while holding it safe and compliant.

Zoho Security: Access Control

Access Control

CloudCodes for Zoho Security provides its customers granular visibility with proper control over the Zoho and its ecosystem of all the associated services. We enable users to deeply understand Zoho suite usage and permits them to describe the desired data security policies, which will be based on identity, activity, services, and data.

  • Define the set of web browsers where one can Zoho business suite
  • Stop accessing of official Zoho account from unauthorized IP addresses
  • Define the time duration when one can access account in specified period
  • Allow only the workstation devices to access corporate data upon them
  • Design an invisible boundary around the real-world geographical arena
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SSO: Zoho Cloud Security

Single Sign-On

This involves one-click access to all the applications with only one password. The service of this CloudCodes Zoho Cloud Security enables users to operate cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications from any device.

  • Enables an individual point access to all the applications
  • Append several users to the single access to monitor easily
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Zoho Security: IAM

Identity Management

With help of CloudCodes for Zoho Security, administrator will be able to manage identification of clients or employees who are accessing the confidential data. This will be possible on a complete, integrated, next-generation Identity Management platform. It equips a smart manner of handling identity security for the enterprise.

  • Easy password policies implementation
  • Manage bulk of passwords with any hassle
  • Gives support to the multi-factor authentication
  • Also, give support biometric authentication
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Zoho Security: Shadow IT

Shadow IT

Get a virtual IT platform on external device in completely a safe and secure manner. No risk of data loss will be there after implementing this technology for Zoho Security.

  • Great control over the potential threats
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned apps in cloud
  • Discover what and where things are accessed
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VAO: Zoho Security

Value Add-Ons

Make the existing Zoho security more enhanced by applying new corporate add-ons in Zoho applications for business. Get connected with the organization mission, vision, and corporate strategy towards the employees.

  • Customize the login page
  • Branding of the Employer
  • Broadcast the announcement
  • Agree to all terms and conditions
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