Email DLP for Mail Security

Secure Your Email With Our Cutting-Edge Email DLP Tool

Email DLP is the most decisive part of your organization. As email is the most common tool for communication in any organization, so the risk involved in it is also high. CloudCodes Email Data Loss Prevention monitors email messages based on the company policies. Confidential messages are further identified and encrypted to prevent data loss. Our Email DLP tool protects the company’s sensitive data from possible threats and malicious leaks and also helps in retaining the control and authority over business activities.

What is the Use of the Email DLP?

  1. Scan outgoing emails based on keywords
  2. Block email in case of rule violation
  3. Support email messages with any type of attachments
  4. A deeper analysis of email content
  5. DLP managers are notified in case of unauthorized mail

What are the Benefits of Email DLP?

  1. Secure business data: Any stranger can access your business mail and use it against the company hence it is important to get Email DLP to avoid data leaks.
  2. Protect confidential data: Email DLP helps in securing confidential information like banking details, card details, social security number.
  3. Preserve identity: In case your account gets hacked then Email DLP will protect your login details and further deny access to the hacker.
  4. Protection from impostor email: Email DLP can automatically classify and block such emails that are sent with malicious intent.
  5. Increases productivity: Email DLP helps in educating the users and increases the productivity of the company.

See how CloudCodes can secure your enterprise systems and data today.

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