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Shadow IT for Cloud Security

Typically, in most cloud-based enterprises, users use several cloud services - most of which are authorized by their IT, but access to some cloud services may not be allowed. Still the use of such unauthorized apps is sometimes inevitable by ignorant users, who might not do it out of any malicious intent; but these unauthorized cloud services may not really be enterprise ready, posing as a threat to enterprise data. Though it’s technically possible to block these services, but it is imperative to strike a balance and find a middle way so as to avail the benefits of these services without letting them negatively impact enterprise data security and compliance.

CloudCodes Shadow IT solution is an agent or agentless solution that assesses and reports potential IT risks. The solution monitors, blocks and reports use of sanctioned and unsanctioned apps within the organization.

CloudCodes Shadow IT features:

  • Blocks download / upload on unsanctioned apps in real time
  • Blocks USB access
  • Blocks the ability to print documents
  • Ability to define sanctioned apps (apps allowed by the enterprise)
  • Ability to Whitelist or Blacklist URLs
  • Monitor user activities on various cloud apps
  • Audit user activities on the internet
  • Identifies users access to unauthorized apps
  • Alerts the IT department of the potential risks
Shadow It - CloudCodes CASB Solution

CloudCodes CASB Shadow IT solutions help in addressing Shadow IT by finding/understanding/securing cloud services in organizations. CloudCodes CASB is a great solution to help enterprises achieve a better data security handle within their organizations.

CloudCodes CASB Shadow IT solution helps in providing a balance between the user needs and the needs of the enterprise for the purpose of security as well as compliance, by completely controlling any potential threats like data leakage, running sanctioned apps in cloud environment, blocking download/upload of unsanctioned apps in real-time, Whitelisting/blacklisting URLs, and also by mapping and identifying cloud environment and cloud apps that the organization uses; thus assuring complete enterprise security.