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We are excited to announce that CloudCodes has joined the Plurilock family.

As part of our long-term growth strategy, CloudCodes is excited to share that we’ve joined the Plurilock family of companies in their Technology Division. Plurilock has committed significant resources to growing and expanding on our CASB product over the coming months.

Plurilock is a cybersecurity industry leader, creating cutting-edge behavioral biometric technology that continuously authenticates users and provides advanced zero trust security for enterprises.

Our leadership, sales, and technical teams will continue their work on providing our CASB offering as well as a larger product portfolio of cybersecurity solutions to our customers.

By incorporating Plurilock’s technology and resources into CloudCodes’ product offering, our customers will receive enhanced security and next-generation cybersecurity capabilities to protect against the growing cyber threat.

Plurilock has a long-term integration plan and we’ll be announcing additional information as it becomes available.

About Plurilock:

Plurilock provides identity-centric cybersecurity for today's workforces. The Plurilock family of companies enables organizations to operate safely and securely while reducing cybersecurity friction. Plurilock offers world-class IT and cybersecurity solutions through its Solutions Division, paired with proprietary, AI-driven and cloud-friendly security through its Technology Division. Together, the Plurilock family of companies delivers persistent identity assurance with unmatched ease of use.