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CloudCodes for Office 365 Security

All Round Office 365 Security

Achieve Office 365 security every day of the year in your life with capabilities of analytics on the user behavior, cloud storage data protection, and governance, having control over the Shadow IT applications.

The suite of Microsoft Office 365 has constantly led to the services of productivity list in the cloud report of CloudCodes. It is so because the enterprises of all level have standardized their work on O365 account. It is true that Microsoft provides a highly secured productivity platform on cloud but, still, Office 365 cloud security is a big responsibility because it is shared between cloud providers like Microsoft and its customers. The way the cyber attacks are increasing, it is not wrong to say that highly secured platforms are also at high risk if things are getting ignored. Here fits the CloudCodes – the only Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) for Office 365, which enhances the account security. This is attempted by understanding and controlling the cloud risk activities over the O365 services suite, confidential data protection, and blocking the cloud threats.

CloudCodes provides cloud app security for Office 365 helping business to protect their highly confidential data in real-time. A granular control is offered through the automated workflow visibility including options like admin alerts, unauthorized tasks restrain, access permissions modifications, notifying users with a customized coaching messages, etc. Amplified data security for Office 365 is at your disposal with CloudCodes CASB solution.

Office 365 Security: Access Control

Access Control

CloudCodes gives clients granular visibility and control on devices that are using O365 and its ecosystem by creating the conditional policies.

  • Browser Restriction: Define specific set of web browsers where Office 365 suite can be accessed
  • IP Restriction: Block users from any external IP, which is not mentioned in the policies
  • Login Time Restriction: Define the log in time duration upon particular domain by setting days and hours
  • Restriction Upon Device: Block the external devices to access O365 suite, which are not mentioned in policies
  • Geo-Fencing or Restrictor: Create a virtual boundary, triggering an alert when something goes wrong
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DLP: Office 365 Cloud Security

Data Loss Prevention

CloudCodes for Office 365 security provides an excellent feature through which users will not be able to move confidential items outside the firm network. We uses standard DLP policies that protect data breaches by instant blocking.

  • Simple creation of policies for DLP on cloud programs
  • Out of box compliance check for PII, PCI, and others
  • Instantaneous alerts like any kind of program
  • Stop employees from uploading or downloading data from OneDrive
  • Real-time tracking for uploading / downloading files from OneDrive
  • Block / Track users from unauthorized sharing of secretive files
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Office 365 Security: SSO

Single Sign-On

Office 365 cloud app security is done by applying a strong password on all applications. CloudCodes enables users to utilize on-premises program from any mobile device.

  • SAML: An individual access to all applications from predefined access
  • Ease IT monitoring by adding all the multiple users on single platform
  • Provisioning or Deprovisioning for all the cloud applications in the suite
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IAM: Office 365 Cloud Security

Identity Management

Office 365 cloud security by CloudCodes offers an excellent measure of handling identity enterprise security. Administrator will be able to manage identification of users with an integrated Identity Management platform.

  • Ease in implementing all defined policies of password
  • Self-control over the password management system
  • Supports Multi factor and biometric authentication
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory as IdP
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Shadow IT: Office 365 Cloud Security

Shadow IT

It is possible to have cloud app security for Office 365 even after implementing shadow IT in the organization. This will establish a balancing demand between users and enterprise for security and compliance.

  • Control the potential threats like data breaches
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned programs in cloud
  • Tracks the devices that are using the firm’s data
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Office 365 Security: Value Add-Ons

Value Add-Ons

The procedure of appending new Add-ons in the existing one enhances the functionality of Office 365 business subscription plan. Get in touch with the company mission, vision, values, and corporate strategy to the employees.

  • Broadcast the announcement
  • Acceptance of all legal policies
  • Customize the login page
  • Branding of the employer
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