All Round Security for Dropbox

Dropbox is preferred by many enterprises nowadays and is best known as Cloud Storage Services. The most familiar and easy to use tool for sharing files in the workplace, this Cloud services is shared between Dropbox and your organization. With improper use of Dropbox platform, organization data is at risk. CloudCodes enable to secure Dropbox by incorporating layer of control. With native SSO and Multi factor Auth, we provide seamlessly integrated user experience for Dropbox application

At CloudCodes, we enable businesses to adopt Dropbox securely with complete control to safeguard data. With the full range of deployment mode for Dropbox comprising users, devices, activities, data, etc. Additionally, the automated workflow feature helps you in modifying access permissions, quarantine sensitive files or data, or notifying users and admin with customized alert emails or messages.

Seamless Security for the Cloud

Access Control
MDM- Mobile Device Management

Secure, manage, and monitor any corporate, or employee-owned mobile devices that access business critical data. Keep a track of the complete lifecycle of every device in a single console with mobile device management(MDM) in Dropbox from CloudCodes. This includes:

  • Secure access to enterprise app
  • Control access to app based on time, IP and Geolocation
  • For organization that practices BYOD
  • Containerization Support
  • Supports iOS and Android
Single Sign-On:

offers one-click access to all of your applications with one password. Service lets users access cloud, mobile and on-premises apps from any device

  • SAML- Provides single point access, to all apps from predefined access
  • Add multiple users to single access for easy IT monitoring
  • Provisioning/De-provisioning for cloud apps
Identity Management

Manage your Customer Identification with complete, integrated, next-generation identity management platform! It provides an intelligent way to handle identity security for your enterprise

  • Easy Implementation of password policies
  • Self Password Management
  • Supports Multi factor authentication
  • Supports Biometric authentication
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory as Identity Provider (IdP)
Value Add-Ons

Customized Value Add-Ons adds functionality to your Dropbox business subscription. Communicate your company vision, mission, values and corporate strategy to employees.

  • Custom Landing page
  • Employer Branding
  • Broadcast announcement company wide
  • Acceptance of agreement and policies
Shadow- IT

Shadow IT provides the balance between the user needs and enterprise needs for security and compliance

  • Control potential threats like data leakage
  • Sanctioned and unsanctioned apps in your cloud
  • Discovery app- maps and identifies your cloud environment and the cloud apps that your organization is using
Shared Drive

Simple document sharing with your team. Shared Drive helps save user’s drive space and get rid of duplicate content, multiple iterations while you work. Save individual drive space, while you give access to all the desired users.

  • Save drive space and increase efficiency
  • Admin can change ownership or move folders inside Shared Drive
  • Inherit folder permission from parent
  • Helps to manage drive space properly