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Best Security Practices

Best Security Practices to Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks

admin | February 20th, 2019

Email technology suffers from a bum rap. It is being handled as a cumbersome emailing program, which was originated to work on a machine that came before

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Law Firm Data Breaches

Law Firm Data Breaches: Are You Protecting Your Legal Agency?

admin | February 19th, 2019

Storing the customer’s records in a confidential and secure manner is a touchstone of the law practice. Digital data has now become more-and-more portable in form of

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School Data Security Threats

School Data Security Threats Lead to Occurence of GDPR Compliance

admin | February 18th, 2019

In an educational institution, we don’t have any of the subject through which students and teachers can understand about what is cloud computing and its security. There

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CASB Solution for Healthcare Firms

If Cloud Use is Core in Healthcare Firms Then, CASB Solution Is Must

admin | February 15th, 2019

Cloud access security broker solutions enhance data visibility on online platforms and help users to keep external and internal threats at bay. These solutions are not only

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Data Protection Compliance

Data Protection Compliance Has to Be In The Heart of Every Industry

admin | February 14th, 2019

Data Protection Compliance Today the CloudCodes blog is going to explain its business readers that how a holistic method for information protection could reduce cloud computing security

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Cloud Challenges

Cloud Challenges That Beginners Face When They Adopt Online Technology

admin | February 13th, 2019

Businesses are shifting their work online because of the multiple benefits provided in cloud computing like business growth, innovation, scalability, and agility. But, because of the issues

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Cloud Workload Security

What Are the Threats to Cloud Workload Security & How to Be Safe From Them?

admin | February 12th, 2019

Making an assumption that IaaS vendors are completely responsible for customer workloads’ security, is wrong. Cloud workload security comes under the category of shared responsibility, which means

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Shadow IT Security Tips & Tricks

4 Simple Tricks to Achieve Shadow IT Security in IT Industry

admin | February 11th, 2019

Few years ago, there was a new term i.e., ‘Shadow IT’ that started buzzing all around the technical platforms. This technology states the use of unmanaged apps

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Reduce Endpoint Security Risks in 2019

Reduce Endpoint Security Risks State in The Year 2019 with Simple Tips

admin | February 8th, 2019

The observations in the year 2018 regarding endpoint security risks’ state painted a severe image. The report was independently generated by Ponemon Institute. It resulted that not

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Preventing Phishing Attacks

Let’s Find Out That Why Preventing Phishing Attacks Are Still So Important?

admin | February 7th, 2019

The more the Cyber threat landscape changes and diversifies, the more it holds the same. Still, in today’s date, there are some old tactics in the playbook

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