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Data Insecurity In Cloud Computing

Let’s See What is Data Insecurity In Cloud Computing and How to Deal With It

admin | May 16th, 2019

It has been found that 59 percent of C-level executives had adopted Cyber insurance policies. This is done because, despite ongoing efforts, the data breach incidents are

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5G Technology

5G Technology Will Change How We Manage Mobile Security — Here’s How to Start Preparing

admin | May 15th, 2019

Introduction to 5G Technology Once in a month, new technology is released, which changes people lives. The steam engine, the internet, and cloud storage platforms – these

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Mobile Cloud Era

Get Technical Guidance to Secure Endpoints and Data in the Mobile Cloud Era

admin | May 14th, 2019

Introduction to Mobile Cloud Era Cloud computing and mobility are rapidly used in today’s mobile cloud era. This, in turn, results in new challenges for companies because

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Cloud-Based Email Security Risks

What are the Cloud-Based Email Security Risks and How to Deal with them?

admin | May 13th, 2019

Cloud-based email security could be challenging for companies to achieve successfully. The post is going to aware readers with what are the major challenges while securing an

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Single Sign-On Technology

Single Sign-On – Its Introduction and Measures to Use It In A Business

admin | May 10th, 2019

Summary – In today’s post, we are going to define ‘what is single sign-on technology’ and then, list down SSO (Single Sign-On) approaches to be implemented for

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Moving ERP to The Cloud Environment

Moving ERP to The Cloud Environment – Is It A Correct Business Decision?

admin | May 9th, 2019

Companies are attracted towards online ERP software because it provides scalability and security patch automation within it. However, compliance risks and hurdles while moving confidential information online

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Network Security In Cloud Computing

Get to Know About Network Security In Cloud Computing With It’s Types

admin | May 8th, 2019

Over the past decade, the globe has become more interconnected due to the emergence of new networking technologies and upgradation in the existing ones. Day-by-day people are

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Is Cloud Computing Secure

Is Cloud Computing Secure? Can People Trust Over It For Their Work? Let’s See

admin | May 7th, 2019

Is cloud computing secure? – In today’s date as well, there are many people in different corners of the world who raises this sort of question. They

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Top Mobile Security Threats

Top 4 Mobile Security Threats Upon Which Enterprises Have to Work At Any Cost

admin | May 6th, 2019

Mobile threat or malware: some kind of dangerous words in the field of mobile computing! Few mobile security threats are too much harmful to global users. It

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Managed Security Service Providers

Role of Managed Security Service Providers in Cloud Computing Security

admin | April 30th, 2019

“Until and unless, things are not managed in a systematic manner, it is impossible to successfully achieve targets either in the business field or a personal live.”

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