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Enterprise Security Practices – To Secure G Suite Data

Administrators’ Guidebook to Enforce Best Enterprise Security Practices – To Secure G Suite Data

admin | October 18th, 2019

More than 4 million businesses use G Suite, and Google is working hard to keep the data secure; but the data safety responsibility rests with the companies’

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G Suite Business DLP

G Suite Business DLP – To Avoid The Risk of Data Loss!

admin | October 17th, 2019

G Suite Business DLP i.e. Data Loss Prevention is crucial for every organization worldwide. This is primarily because of the sensitive data that is stored in G

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mobile device security solutions

Mobile Device Security Solutions – Need of the Hour!

admin | October 16th, 2019

With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming the norm, enterprises need to up the ante and adopt efficient security solutions so that data on-premise or cloud stays

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Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Office 365 DLP – Prevention Is the Key to the Lock of Data Safety!

admin | October 15th, 2019

Some years from its onset in the market, Office 365 has proved it right and today, it can claim to be one of the most widely-used and

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SSO for G Suite

SSO for G Suite – That’s What Suits Best For the Enterprise Data Security

admin | October 14th, 2019

G Suite is the answer of big giant, Google, to a myriad of different problems related to work productivity often faced by most organizations, big and small.

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Shadow IT Discovery

Time for Shadow IT Discovery – Check Whether Your Data Is Safe

admin | October 11th, 2019

Using a multitude of unapproved 3rd-party software and applications by the employees of most of the companies today in this BYOD-driven era is the order of the

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IoT Security

What is IoT Security : How to Manage IoT Security for Your Devices and Networks

admin | October 10th, 2019

IoT security definition may be simple but it is revolutionizing the world! IoT or Internet of Things basically relates to those millions of physical devices used the

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Cloud Orchestration Best Practices

Cloud Orchestration Best Practices For Managing Performance in the Cloud

admin | October 9th, 2019

Cloud-computing provides the firms with scalable, cost-effective and reliable ways for running their critical business apps. Given the myriad of benefits that cloud infrastructures provide to businesses,

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Cybersecurity Hurts Businesses

The Dire Need of DLP as a Service

admin | September 20th, 2019

Almost all types of organizations, big and small need the protection of their IP (intellectual property), and this is where lies the catch where DLP as a

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g suite for business

G Suite Security: Is Your G Suite for Business Data Safe?

admin | September 18th, 2019

One of the biggest letdowns about making a transition to cloud computing definitely is about “SECURITY,” which is mandatory at the same time! And there certainly are

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