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DLP for Cloud Security

Cloud adoption in any organizations across the world has benefited them in multiple ways. There are many cloud applications such as G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Zoho, etc., which improve the productivity, team collaboration and ease of data sharing from one location to another. However, switching to cloud services has increased the risk of data leakage. Thus, to check the data leakage, an organization needs to be aware and alert of how the data is being used and shared by the users. After that, based on the requirement, choose appropriate solution for data loss prevention in cloud computing.

CloudCodes is one of the leading solution providers to overcome all the security-related issues in the cloud. After using CloudCodes solution i.e. DLP in cloud, an organization can ensure that employees are not sending any crucial information outside the network. In addition, the DLP or Data Loss Prevention in cloud computing detects the potential data breaches or data extraction, transmissions. It also prevents the data loss by monitoring, detecting and blocking the sensitive data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic) or at-rest (data storage).

DLP for Cloud Security

By using CloudCodes DLP or Data Loss Prevention in cloud computing, admin can control data loss in following ways:

  • An admin can control the uploading and downloading of documents on G Suite, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Admin can give permission to a single user, or the entire organization, as per the requirement.
  • An admin can set various DLP policies from the CloudCodes console, using any of the predefined templates or by adding one of their own. Using these policies, an organization can monitor, audit and control any unauthorized data activity happening in the organization.

However, the DLP in cloud is compatible with G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. The DLP policies for CloudCodes can be applied to the entire organization or to a small set of users within the organization.

Two Major Aspects of CloudCodes DLP Solution for Business

API based

Scan the data stored on cloud, detect violations and take actions as defined by the IT team

Preventive Controls

This approach prevents the occurrence of incidents and alerts the organization if any attempt made.

API based

CloudCodes for Business allows the organization to define various policies based on the compliance and regulatory requirements. The organization can define policies to check:

  1. Documents stored in cloud contains PII/PCI/PHI information
  2. Documents are shared outside the organization
  3. Documents are transferred to personal email
  4. Documents are shared across the organization units

In an organization, analyzing documents stored within the user's account to detect any violation is nearly impossible because of a large amount of data is stored in the cloud. To overcome this, CloudCodes provides an API based approach, which scans the documents stored in the cloud periodically and looks for violation.

API based Data Loss Prevention in Cloud Computing

It also permits the organization to define actions, which is to be taken when such type of violations are detected. For e.g, if it is found that a document is shared outside the organization, the IT can define policies to revoke the external access. DLP in cloud security will scan the documents and will validate access to external users first if any such documents are found. This really mitigates the risk of the organization.

Another example for EU based organization would be to ensure documents stored in the cloud meet GDPR compliance. One of the most important aspects of GDPR is PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Data Loss Prevention in cloud computing can help organizations meet the regulatory compliance like GDPR.

Preventive controls based DLP in Cloud Computing

Preventive controls

Unlike other CASB vendors who focus on using API based approach, CloudCodes uses a preventive control in addition to the API based approach. In preventive controls based approach, the focus is on preventing any form violations. It means, in API based approach the identification happens after the damage has been done, but in preventive controls, the DLP in cloud security prevent the incident from occurring and notifies the organization if an attempt takes place.

The following are the preventive controls that are provided as part of DLP or Data Loss Prevention in cloud computing security.

  1. Block or track the sharing of documents outside the organization
  2. Block or track the downloading of documents
  3. Block or track access to personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox
  4. Block or track sharing of documents across the different departments within organization

With the help of CloudCodes DLP solution, an organization can have a complete control on the behavior of its employees and prevent any form of data leakage. It is one of the most reliable approaches to perform a proper action against any violation. The DLP in cloud computing is also capable to alert an organization if any attempt was made. A complete package to deal with all type data leakage related issues in the cloud.