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Single Sign On for Multiple Cloud Security Benefits

The Single Sign On Solution from CloudCodes is a unique authentication protocol designed by the experts at CloudCodes, which provides its users a unique dashboard that is a single sign on console, integrating all the active links to all their cloud-based applications, where the end-users simply need to put in a unique combination of ID and Password, only one time, for authentication, and can easily access these pre-authorized apps over their systems, mobiles as well as on, on-premises apps.

SSO not only strengthens the cloud security protocols, but also allows single sign on access to multiple users for easy IT monitoring. The IT admin of the organization can easily play around and predefine the provisioning and de-provisioning of the sanctioned apps, and even has the capability to restrict the access to unsanctioned apps to the users of the organization. This Single Sign On platform is workable with any mobile platform as well, and it does not require re-configuration in case of any upgrades to your sanctioned Cloud apps on the dashboard.

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Single Sign On solution offers one-click access to all of the applications with one password. This smart service lets the users access their cloud, mobile and on-premises apps from any device. Following are the merits that can be availed by CloudCodes SSO:

  • Enables users to get one point access to all the business apps
  • All cloud apps can be accessed via desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Integrates with custom on-premise applications through custom protocol or custom development
  • Easy provisioning and de-provisioning of cloud apps. Implement or remove new cloud apps without much efforts
  • Map multiple users to one single account
  • Helps increase productivity while keeping the data secure