Identity management for Cloud Security

More organizations are migrating sensitive data to the cloud, increasing the risk of migration, there is also the need to secure sensitive data. With the help of identity management feature personal verification is used to prevent fraud. Identity Management deals with identifying individuals with verification steps in an eco- system including a country, a network, of an enterprise. This feature controls the access to resources within that enterprise system by incorporating user policies and restrictions with the verified identity.

Scalable & Robust CASB solution

Password Policy
2 Factor Authentication

Enforce added security measures with 2 Factor Authentication. This includes:

  • Authentication with Biomatric Authenticator on smartphones and SMS for G Suite
  • Biometric identification for all other SAML based cloud apps
  • Policy driven enforcement by OU
  • Self Service for End user for easy roll out
Forget Password

Off-load the password reset functionality by promoting self service password reset.

  • Automate the password reset request from user
  • Challenging questions for users to reset the password
  • Self Service module
  • Easy enrollment process for users and admins
Microsoft AD Integration

AD integration allows your admin to maintain only one source of Identity thus simplifying the Identity Management of the Organization. This includes:

  • Full AD integration with Cloud application supporting SSO and SAML
  • True Single Sign On experience for users
  • AD to become the identity provider for Cloud Application