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Identity Management for Superior Cloud Security

Cloud adoption has become commonplace with most corporate houses largely embracing cloud-based working environment. With more and more organizations moving to cloud, the migration of sensitive data to cloud is also augmenting the risks of these migrations by putting confidential data and sensitive information at stake of being leaked. Identity Management (IAM) feature of CluodCodes CASB solution is a sort of personal verification through Password Management used for preventing such ubiquitous data breaches. IAM deals with identifying individuals with verification steps in an eco-system including a country, a network, of an enterprise to ensure Cloud Security.

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Scalable & Robust CASB solution

Password policy for security - CloudCodes CASB SolutionPassword policy for security - CloudCodes CASB Solution Password Policy
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) - CloudCodes CASB Solution2 Factor Authentication (2FA) - CloudCodes CASB Solution 2 Factor Authentication

Enforce added security measures with 2 Factor Authentication. This includes:

  • Authentication with Biomatric Authenticator on smartphones and SMS for G Suite
  • Biometric identification for all other SAML based cloud apps
  • Policy driven enforcement by OU
  • Self Service for End user for easy roll out
Forgot Password - CloudCodes CASB SolutionForgot Password - CloudCodes CASB Solution Forget Password

Off-load the password reset functionality by promoting self service password reset.

  • Automate the password reset request from user
  • Challenging questions for users to reset the password
  • Self Service module
  • Easy enrollment process for users and admins
Active Directory SSO - CloudCodes CASB SolutionActive Directory SSO - CloudCodes CASB Solution Microsoft AD Integration

AD integration allows your admin to maintain only one source of Identity thus simplifying the Identity Management of the Organization. This includes:

  • Full AD integration with Cloud application supporting SSO and SAML
  • True Single Sign On experience for users
  • AD to become the identity provider for Cloud Application

With CloudCodes Identity Management (IAM) solution, the following can be done to curtail the occurrences of otherwise prevalent data leaks:

  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning users through a single console
  • Implementing password policies to define password complexity. Eg - Password should be at least 8 characters long and should contain an uppercase letter, a special character and a number
  • Using existing Microsoft Active Directory (AD) as Identity Provider (IdP) to the system for Active Directory integration or AD integration
  • Enabling Multi factor authentication using secret questions, One Time Password (OTP) on SMS or email
  • Implementing Biometric factor leveraging the fingerprint scan support on mobile devices. Eg - using fingerprint as factor
  • Supporting Windows login for end users

Identity Management feature controls the access to resources within that enterprise system by incorporating user policies and restrictions with the verified identity. This is indeed a great way of controlling information about users on the system. It is possible to identify, manage and control user identities across the entire system by setting up policies. This is undoubtedly a highly intelligent way of handling security of the identities in an enterprise.