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General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR regulates the data processing of European natural persons’ personal records. This compliance applies to enterprises either inside or outside the EU (European Union) that uses personal information of EU citizens. The regulation was made compulsory for all organizations on May 25, 2018, after which supervisors are having right to impose penalty of up to $20 million or 4% of the annual turnover. This website is going to provide GDPR article summary for each of the 99 articles in the regulation. Enterprises can thoroughly read the description of each article by clicking on the respective Article number. Also, one can learn that how CloudCodes help in fulfilling the GDPR requirements mentioned in each GDPR article.

GDPR compliance applies to the processing, which are attempted by companies that are within the European Union. It is the regulation of European Parliament and of the Council to protect individual records with regard to the processing of their personal content and on the free movement of this kind of data. General Data Protection Regulation gives security to the basic identity records of natural person like name, address, ID numbers, etc., biometric records, health and genetic information, sexual orientation, racial/ethnic data, and political opinions. Readers might find that GDPR does not apply to specific activities, including the operations carried away by the Law Enforcement. The list of these unsupportable conditions where GDPR regulation law does not works, is defined in this GDPR summary article.