Compare Top CASB Vendors

CASB solution providers have seen their rise with the growing demand for cloud computing that more and more enterprises are opting for nowadays. This has opened the market for CASB vendors which provide different solutions addressing to different issues related to cloud security. CASB solutions’ features differ from vendor to vendor in cloud security mechanism. Here, we are trying to compare CASB vendors and also compare CASB solutions available. The below comparison will help you thoroughly evaluate Top CASB vendors, and help you in making a well-informed decision to choose the best CASB solution for your enterprise.

Compare CASB Vendors and Their Solutions

Compare the offerings of some of the well known CASB vendors with that of CloudCodes – the most preferred CASB solution by SMBs globally.

CASB Solutions

SSO Solutions

SSO & Identity Management
Single Sign On
Identity Access Management
Enterprise Grade Password Policy
Self Password Reset
Anti-Phishing Control on Login
Multi-Factor Authentication
SAML Integration
On-Premise App Integration
Mapping User Identities
Windows Login
Broadcast Messaging
Apps Launchpad
Directory Integration
Active Directory
Access Control - Web
IP Restriction
Time Restriction
Device Restriction
Geo Location
Browser Restriction
Access Control - Mobile
Apps Restriction
WIFI/Network Restriction
Geo Location
Time Restriction
Data Security
Personal Gmail Block
Session Timeout - Idle
Session Duration
Google Drive [Download,Share,Delete]
Dropbox [Download, Desktop Sync, Personal Dropbox]
Google Drive - API
Add On
Shared Folder
Email Signature – GSuite
Shadow IT
Discovery – Agentless
Discovery – Agent based
GSuite Customers
Use GSuite Pass
SMS – OTP based
Registration based

Why Compare CASB Vendors?

When we compare CASB vendors in an effort to compare CASB solutions provided by them, we find that certain features are present on a particular solution whereas missing in the others. This attempt to compare CASB vendors helps users compare CASB solutions and find the one that is best-suited as per their organizational cloud security requirements, which differ from company to company. Some of the features like Mapping User Identities, Time Restriction, Device Restriction, etc., are not seen to be present in other solutions when we compare CASB vendors and their solutions, which are fortunately there in CloudCodes CASB Solutions, making them one of the most promising solutions available around.

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned above has been sourced from public websites. CloudCodes Software Pvt. Ltd. does not, in any way, take the responsibility of the solutions / features offered by the above mentioned companies