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CloudCodes Attending the Gartner Symposium at Gold Coast

We are attending the Gartner Symposium at Gold Coast - Do Come To Say Hi!

The learning enriched days from October 30th 2017 to November 2nd 2017 are projected to be highly eventful in the CloudCodes calendar as CloudCodes CEO, Mr. Debasish Pramanik, will be attending the much awaited Gartner Symposium, IT Expo at Gold Coast. CloudCodes is also exhibiting at the event, we’d love to meet you and discuss more about the emerging tech, your point of view, thought process and lots more. Do drop by our kiosk!

For those who are not very well aware of the event, here’s a bit of information about it - Gartner Symposium at Gold Coast is one of the largest gatherings of CIOs & senior IT executives in Australia and New Zealand. More than 1,500 CIOs and senior IT executives will be attending the event.

Discuss and network with top Gartner Analysts, top global IT experts, and tech entrepreneurs to embark upon the industry insights, critical industry challenges, their maneuvered approach to overcome those, and their life experiences while working on Cloud technology. The attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, but also the event largely focuses on addressing the key priorities of global organizations working in the IT sector.

The chief takeaway points projected from this hallmark event would call for impactful digital transformation. The key agenda of the event revolves around the critical challenges faced with Cloud technology, AI, IoT, and leadership woes. The participants will get to hear about the latest research predictions backed by factual data to help them stay abreast with Cloud platforms.

  • Data Security and Risk Management: In the context of Cloud Technology, one cannot entirely rule-out the risks while large organizations are contemplating to make a debut into Cloud computing. The event focuses on addressing these risks at quite a matured level laying the risk-free path forward for others to follow.
  • Experience the Future with Induction of Artificial Intelligence to Cloud: There is ample opportunity to learn from influencers and mentors who advocate people-centric culture over machine-centric culture.
  • Drive Business Growth: Participants will share their insights regarding their mechanism of inducing innovation, technology, and disruption to drive future business growth.
  • Networking: Networking is synonymous with net-worthing (increasing net worth!) these days. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss new ideas with peers and get insights directly from the veteran industry leaders.

Each year, Gartner Symposium IT Expo dedicates the first day of the event to industry-enriched content. CloudCodes, being a CASB solution provider, would focus to gain insight on the emerging trends in Cloud Security and Cyber Security, and prepare accordingly for what is happening in the concerned industries. With knowledge-enriched days of networking, industry-centric presentations and CIO stories, along with cross-industry speaker sessions would make it a monumental week for the attendees from all quarters of the world.