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CloudCodes Adds Additional Data Control Features to Protect Enterprise Data on Cloud

CloudCodes CASB Solution Adds Additional Data Control Features to Protect Enterprise Data on Cloud

Emerging as a frontrunner in cloud security, CloudCodes recently came up with this solid solution for implementing personal Gmail block on cloud based office operations for all sorts of devices including laptops and desktops. Handpicked by experts on the panel, Consumer Gmail Block is a part of unique ‘Data Control’ feature offered by CloudCodes CASB solution which gives enterprises entire control over their data which can be implemented by defining policies to Block upload, download, deletion or external sharing of data.

Deploying Consumer Gmail Block or Personal Gmail Block now is independent of browsers, unlike the previous version. This is now totally device based, the only prerequisite for implementing this Consumer Gmail block is that the IT admin will require to create and deploy a stringent Device Restriction Policy in line with the company’s Cloud Security policy on all the devices running on Windows. Every single machine in use will have to have CloudCodes Security service installed to complete the process. There is an integral safeguard along with this policy that enables the office premises from any unauthorized access from outside domains. There is also an option to allow and/or restrict specific domains by whitelisting them with Windows service acting as a proxy server, and only a single device can be assigned to a particular user that is part of the Cloud network.

“Organizational data is very significant and employees’ easy and free access to their personal Gmail accounts can evidently pose threat to this sensitive information. Projected malicious data transfers intercept with the anticipated data leaks, thus creating a data-threatened work-system in enterprises, wherein, data breaches are quite a common possibility. Blocking access to personal Gmail is certainly a valued step in the direction of protecting any such ill-intended, deliberately-harmful data transfers from corporate email to personal Gmail that are done with an intent of dupery,” said Debasish Pramanik, CEO, CloudCodes. He further added, “CloudCodes CASB solution provides Consumer Gmail Block feature ensuring heightened cloud security.”

Scope of CloudCodes Consumer Gmail Block -

  • Block users from accessing their personal Gmail account at work
  • Notification to Admin or Manager about the access
  • Policy based roll out
  • Can be applied to all users, an OU (Organizational Unit) or a single user

For more information, visit - https://www.cloudcodes.com/

About CloudCodes – CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. It focuses on providing cloud security solution to enterprise customers through its CASB solution. Its objective is to provide simple, effective and efficient platform for securing cloud applications for an enterprise. CloudCodes is a recipient of NASSCOM League of 10 for Emerge 50 awards and RedHerring Asia Top 100 finalist awards. CloudCodes is a SOC Type-II certified company and is also recognized by analyst firm Gartner as one of the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security in multiple published reports.