Cloud Security Checklist for Manufacturing Industry

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 1st, 2021

Need for Cloud Security in the Manufacturing Companies

Every business has its unique selling points. Specifically, in the manufacturing industry, companies are always on their toes to find a product that may outshine them in the market and keep them abreast of every potential competitor that might challenge them. It is challenging to create a product that stands out in the market and to maintain its formula secret is an onus task in itself.  It is where copyright laws and patent laws came into existence where leakage of patents or replication of the patented formulas will inevitably and adversely impact the growth potential of manufacturing businesses.  Thus, manufacturers are looking to secure their data security by deploying a cloud security checklist for Manufacturing industry. Suppose any such information is revealed in any way to unintended outsiders or intruders. In that case, competitors might gain an edge over the one deceived by such malicious attempts of data breaches

Cloud Security Checklist for Manufacturing Industry

Leaders in industrial automation processes outline the 3 main steps to build a comprehensive program for cloud security in the Manufacturing industry. Industrial firms are nowadays operating in such ways, that they might have barely imagined a couple of decades before. They are now gradually converging historically separate IT (information technology) systems as well as OT (operations technology) systems, and also making use of mobile devices, analytics as well as cloud for increasing connectivity levels and information sharing amongst their work quarters.  

This significantly improves their operations considerably, but at the same time, creates some potential threats and opens some entry gates for such security threats to seep into their systems. To address this concern, a 3-step approach is developed to build a proper industrial security program, which extends from enterprises to plant levels. It helps them mitigate their risks across individuals involved, processes performed, and technologies used. These three steps include the following: 

  • Assessment of Security: Conducting a thorough facility-wide evaluation for understanding the potential risk areas as well as the potential security threats 
  • Defense-in-Depth Security: Deploying a multiple-layered security system or approach, which works upon establishing multiple defense tiers 
  • Trusting the Trusted Vendors: Verifying about the automation vendors are following their core security protocols while designing the products and services 

Industrial Security Upsurge 

While thinking of cloud security for the manufacturing industry, we usually put a layered security model seeking to create some unified IT infrastructures for clients and customers. The approach mainly takes into account standard connections among network security, physical security, and cloud data safety in these manufacturing units.  

Cloud security threats are evolving continuously for these organizations working in the manufacturing segment. So, to keep pace with these, the need for a holistic cloud security program is the need of the hour, and it must change over time and stay ahead of these changing landscapes of cloud security threats. 

Following the above-mentioned 3-step program can help manufacturing firms establish a great program helping them to protect their IP or intellectual property, work facilities, business assets, and workforce as well as several competitive advantages projected for the future of the business. 

How Does CASB Solution Help Cloud Manufacturers?

When the dark shadow of shadow IT was cast on cloud computing systems, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) came as a ray of light, lightening the operations through its security light and airing them the whiff of safe air. It creates an environment where the hackers have no entry as their entries are barred right when any malicious attempt is made on that front. All-in-all, CASB solutions are the wonder solutions that every firm in the manufacturing segment needs. While selecting the right cloud security vendor, it is good to test its CASB solution in some use cases, which puts forth a great way of evaluation.