G Suite Email Agreement Policy

Email Agreement Policy Settings For Organization's New Employee

Email Agreement Policy For Business Emails

When a new employee or staff joins your organization he/she gets bound by some corporate terms and conditions that are applied with your organization.

SSO1 (gControl) provides you with the one time agreement policy signing option for all your new employees once they join your organization.

Make your employees abide by the rules and regulation of your organization by signing the corporate terms and conditions on logging in with their business email for the first time. This feature helps you increase you email security.

Every employee on joining the organization logs into their corporate email (business email for work). As a Google apps Admin you can set the agreement policy along with the email so that when the new employee logs in he/she signs the digital agreement in one step.

Signing the digital agreement complies the employee to the corporate terms and conditions of your organization with email agreement, making life easier for both you and the new addition to your organization.

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A Brief Introduction On Email Agreement Policy

  • Custom made corporate agreement policy to help abiding the new joining with the terms and condition of the organization with digital signature.
  • Every new employee logs into the corporate email account (Google Apps Account) on joining the organization
  • This gives a brilliant opportunity to have the the company agreement policy between the organization and the employee be signed.
  • SSO1 (gControl) helps in designing and integrating this agreement policy with Google Application and aids in the process of signing corporate agreement between the employee and the organization.

At CloudCodes we understand that maintaining an organization and supervising hundreds of users on Google Application is quite a challenge for the administrator. So we have designed multiple business email (google Application) Login features to give you a holistic package for google applications.

Email Agreement Policy FAQ

No. On the first time when a new employee join the Organization.

G Suite Email Agreement Policy

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