G Suite Message Broadcast

Corporate Message Broadcasting For Google Apps

G Suite Corporate Message Broadcast

Corporate text advertisement is very crucial given the increased number of employees in each organizational unit and the organization in a whole.

As a business unit we are sure that at times you want to display certain messages to the entire organization or to certain selected organization units. The most convenient way of reaching out to all your employee is through broadcast message for business emails on Google apps.

Employees log into their business emails (corporate emails) minimum once a day. This is when it presents the opportunity to grab their attention and make sure that the intended message reaches the employee or particular unit of employees.

The message broadcast feature of SSO1 (gControl) underwent a some enhancements with our new release for Cloud based applications.

The new enhancements gives additional control to the google apps admin to set an age and frequency of display to the broadcast message.

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Operational Brief on G Suite Message Broadcast

  • Broadcast message is a very interactive way of communicating a message of importance to all the employees of an organization or to a particular organizational unit.
  • SSO1 (gControl) gives you the right to set up broadcast messages for the entire company or selected organizational units.
  • Every employee logs into their business email at least once a day and this provides a tremendous opportunity for the google apps admin to gather their attention for a particular news or broadcast that the organization intends to convey.
  • Message Broadcasting feature of SSO1 (gControl) helps the admin to set up a broadcast message that is intended for the organization's staff.
  • On logging into the corporate emails the message will be displayed on the screen and the employee can move into their  business emails only after reading the message .

Such Broadcast message ensures that every piece of information that is intended to be conveyed reaches the audience and they are bound to read them with no scope for ignoring. Such a platform makes one way conversation very convenient for an organization and it also triggers employee response and attentiveness..

Google Apps Corporate Message Broadcast FAQ

Agreement feature enables administrator to enforce the terms and conditions of the organization on users.

G Suite Message Broadcast

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