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Consumer Gmail Block For Enterprise Cloud Security

Block Personal Gmail To Ensure Data Security

As a Google Apps admin, you may want to prevent users from signing into Google services using any accounts other than the accounts you provided them with. For example, you may not want them to use their personal Gmail accounts or a Google Apps account from another domain. Block Personal Gmail login is the best option.

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  • Currently when Google Apps is implemented for an enterprise, it allows the users to use consumer Gmail without any restriction.
  • This becomes a major concern for organization where implementing corporate policy of using personal email within office becomes difficult to implement unless enterprise uses expensive firewall.
  • For small to medium enterprises, this is a major show stoppers and sometime prevents the organization from going Google.
  • Organisations that are bound by regulations such as the UK's Financial Services Authority, or the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are hesitant about migrating to Google Apps because they have to be able prove that sensitive information cannot be shared between business and personal Google accounts

CloudCodes Consumer Gmail Block solution allows Google Apps administrator to control the access of consumer Gmail within the enterprise with the help of gmail block and report violation of Gmail block policy to administrator, reporting manager and HR. The Block Personal Gmail solution is implemented without any hardware dependencies


  • Blocks access of Login on corporate network
  • No sharing of confidential data with personal accounts
  • Provide security to corporate network
  • Apply Gmail blocking policy for users & organization units
  • Add corporate public networks IP's into policy
  • Administrators will get notified via mail if users tried to login their account & violated the norms


  • Sign in to the Admin console
  • Click on Other Google Services > Chrome Management > Advance Settings
  • To pre-install specific extensions and applications, click Manage Pre-installed Apps
  • Pre-installed Apps and Extensions dialog box will appear. Select Chrome Web Store from it
  • Enter 'CloudCodes SSO1 (gControl)' in search text-box. Press Enter
  • CloudCodes SSO1 (gControl) Extension will appear in the left column. Choose this extension by clicking 'Add' button
  • The selected item appears in the Right column, and the Add link changes to Added
  • Save the settings
  • Now click on "More" from the top of the page, scroll it down & click on SSO1 (gControl). Finally Add users into the policy & Save the policy


  • An extra layer of security
  • Visibility into End Users Access of Consumer Gmail
  • Complete control on Corporate Data

Block Personal Gmail – FAQ

Yes you will come to know about it from violation policy reports.

Block Personal Gmail

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