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Device restriction to enforce Cloud Firewall Solution

Device restriction is the most important cloud firewall solution for any corporate organization. In the present day scenario an estimated two million laptops are stolen or misplaced in USA alone. 69% of laptops are lost off-site -e.g. working from a home, hotel room or vehicles 11.5% of laptops are lost in-transit while travelling.

The data contained in the laptop is usually worth much more that the value of the device itself.

So, what do you do to protect your company's confidential data from being stolen.

SSO1 (gControl)'s Device Restriction is an extraordinary cloud management tool to help prevent your company data from being stolen in case of thefts or other mishaps

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SSO1 (gControl) Device Restriction in a Nutshell

  • Prevent your employees from accessing corporate data from any other device except the one alloted by the company. This ensures that there is no malicious access to company data .For those organizations which do not want to allow their employees to work from any device other than their workplace device,be it a PC or a laptop that is allotted to them Device Restriction feature can become a stepping stone to in achieving security for the enterprise network.
FAQ of Employ Device restriction to enforce Cloud Firewall Solution

Yes absolute you can you configure device restriction policy for a single user in multiple device.