G Suite Dashboards & Reports

Dashboard & Reporting For Google Apps Security

Dashboard & Reporting For Google Apps Security

The dashboard and reporting feature of SSO1 (gControl) is a unique one stop destination to keep the Google Apps admin updated about all the activities that are happening within the Google Apps for work.

SSO1 (gControl) dashboard is an interface between the Google apps admin and SSO1 (gControl). It is an one stop place to know about the status of Google Apps in one glance.

SSO1 (gControl) dashboard shows the following points in one glance.

  1. No of Organizational Units
  2. No of Domain Users
  3. No of Policies
  4. No of Affected Users

The Sync button present in the dashboard helps in syncing the google app with SSO1 (gControl) and the changes are immediately reflected. SSO1 (gControl) syncs with Google apps everyday, however the admin can use sync button to sync Google apps with SSO1 (gControl) any number of time.

There is a chart present in the dashboard showing the day's login activities without much manual work or monitoring. To make things easier there is a chart showing active user statistics.

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SSO1 (gControl) has a very unique admin friendly feature which aids in Google Apps security is – sending instant emails to Admin if any of the applied policies have been violated by any user or organizational unit.

Apart from this the reporting section helps the admin to have all the policy violation for the entire month in once place. This report can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Admin can also have an idea about the policies that are applied to each organizational unit and other general reports on Google apps.

G Suite Dashboard and Reports FAQ

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G Suite Dashboard & Reports

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