G Suite 2 Factor Authentication

Single Sign-On Solution For Enterprise Cloud Data Security

G Suite 2 Factor Authentication For Greater Security

Google Apps 2 Factor Authentication adds extra layers of security for your google application account, enabling you to have a much safer cloud security solution. G Suite 2 Factor Authentication system strengthens your google application account in such a way that a hacker with access to your cloud username and password won't be able to access your data without having access to your phone.

Such two layers of security adds to your existing cloud service security.


"With evolution of technology, easy for stealing data has increased manifold. Small activities over the internet can make you compromise your password even without realising it."

Any of these common actions could put you at risk of having your password stolen

  • Using the same password on more than one site
  • Downloading software from the Internet
  • Clicking on links in email messages

Google Apps 2 Factor Authentication can helps in keeping intruders out, even if they have your password.

Doesn't that sound relieving?

Key Attributes of SSO1 (gControl) with 2 factor authentication solution.

  • Block unauthorized access to user's corporate account.
  • Enhance security layer of user's corporate account .
  • Unique passkey generated by the user itself for access of corporate mail account every time from their handheld device.
  • Set enforcement rules for the policy

How G Suite 2 Factor Authentication Solution Of SSO1 (gControl) Works?



  • Login to SSO1 (gControl) to set 2-Factor Authentication
  • Now, click on 2- Factor Authentication under "Quick Links"
  • Click on "Add Policy" to configure policy for the users or groups
  • Mention policy details such as name, policy description, range of dates & add users manually or by uploading .CSV file
  • Administrator may set enforcement rules for the groups or for the individuals by clicking on Always,Corporate Network(IP) & Remember User IP
  • Click on "Save" to complete configuring policy.


Signing In to your account will work a little differently

  • User tries to login their corporate mail account by mentioning login credentials
  • Now, user need to put the unique secret key displayed on the bottom of the page into their handheld device
  • If the user does not have Google Authenticator in their device then they need to install this from Google Play Store
  • Once done with installing Google Authenticator now user need to put passkey or code which is generated from Google Authenticator into the box & click on "Login"
  • Finally user will be logged into their corporate account without any hassle.

G Suite 2 Factor Authentication Solution Of SSO1 In A Nutshell

  • It is a single solution to add extra layers of security to you google application and ensuring that your data is safe in the cloud.
  • Sign in will require something you know and something you have
  • Verification codes made just for you

Google Apps 2 Factor Authentication FAQ

Users with Windows mobile phone can use Microsoft Authenticator for 2-factor authentication.

G Suite 2 Factor Authentication

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