Browser Restriction

Browser Restriction Solution For Better Cloud Security

Browser Restriction To Have Stronger Access Control On Specific Browser Usage

Are you facing any problem with your employees using multiple browsers which you wanted them not to use in your Enterprise? SSO1 (gControl) Browser Restriction feature enables specific browser usage for end users in your organization. The administrator can whitelist specific browsers for an Organization Unit (OU) or for subset of user(s) giving access control only for mentioned browsers. Any user(s) trying to access browser which is limited by administrator will be restricted to use.

The Solution

Browser Restriction policies access control of browser usage which is enabled by the admin. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari can be accessed in this policy. As SSO1 (gControl) has some extension based policies which can be pushed by administrator centrally hence Google Chrome would be most preferred. To accomplish this condition in an Enterprise, Browser Restriction is useful.

Browser Restriction FAQ

Yes, absolutely SSO1 (gControl) allows you to set the policies according to your organizational requirement.

Browser Restriction

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