G Suite AD Integration

Google Apps Integration with Azure Active Directory

G Suite AD Integration For Better Work Efficiency

Even in the era of cloud technologies, Active Directory is the most adopted infrastructure by majority of enterprises as a solution for information security and user management. Most of the large enterprises using cloud services prefer Active Directory as an identity provider.

Looking at the market demands CloudCodes integrated Active Directory with SSO1 (gControl).

AD Integration with SSO allows administrators to integrate either On-Premise or Azure Active Directory with SSO1 (gControl) therefore, securely connects AD infrastructure with SSO and Google Apps.

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Active Directory with SSO1 (gControl)

SSO1 (gControl) will provide out-of-box integration with Active Directory in the following manner

  • Active Directory as Identity Provider
  • Single Sign-On with Active Directory i.e. end user's login within a network will not require to provide credentials instead existing desktop session will be carried forward for Google Apps.
  • Support for multiple primary domains to handle scenario where large enterprise have multiple branches and each branch has their own domain.

You can add Users ID and corporate Network IP's manually or upload the csv by clicking on the respective icons. Now when an end user tries to log in from unauthorized IP's they will get notified that user is not allowed to login from this system.

Advantages of G Suite AD Integration

Other than identity provision there are several other advantages of AD integration with SSO.

  1. Less credentials, less overhead: As users are authenticated with Active Directory, users do not need to maintain multiple credentials. Therefore less overhead for end-users and IT administrators.
  2. Centralized Access Control: As Active Directory is the identity provider, even if cloud technology is being used by enterprise, control still remains with Active Directory.
  3. Unification of multiple directories: For enterprises having complex directory infrastructure with multiple directories can combine all the directories via AD integration with SSO.

G Suite AD Integration FAQ

Users are only authenticated through Active Directory. User's passwords in Active Directory are not saved with SSO1 (gControl). SSO1 (gControl) does have an option of syncing passwords. It syncs password at the login time unlike the GAPS tool which does the sync only when the User changes his password in AD.

G Suite AD Integration

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