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G Suite Password Policy

Implement Advance Password Policy To Enhance Cloud Security

G Suite Password Policy For Advanced Cloud Security

One of the strongest features of SSO1 (gControl) is to enforce a strong password policy for google application for work users. The Advance password Policy of gControl helps in setting various combination of the complexity with the expiry of password. Expiry of password is a must have feature to ensure email security requirements are met and in turn data security by preventing breach of accounts and compromising data.

Along with these the biggest advantage of using SSO1 (gControl) is having the provision for implementing different policies using OU based policies. Advanced Password policies helps customers and google apps admin retain their organizational security policies on Google Application without much concern about security.

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Major Challenges With Password Policies

  • Customers who want to retain their strong password policy as it was implemented on Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Customer who need more complex password and force users to change the password every few days
  • Customer who would like to have different level of password policies in different departments of the organization

How Google Helps

Google apps provide a pretty good cloud security solution for google apps admins. It helps you set your password policy by logging into the google admin console from the dashboard and then click on Security—> Basic Settings.

This email security feature helps you select a minimum and maximum length for the users password building on password security policy.

"Superficially all these seems to be good, but a deep look shows something missing"

How SSO1 (gControl) adds to cloud security with advanced password policies?

Google password policy takes care of the length of the password you want your user to select but long passwords are not always secure. You would want your users to add special characters and even Upper case letters to make their passwords more secure.

How can you enforce this?

One more feature you would like as an Administrator is to force your user to change his password every 15 days or according to the company policy

but this feature seems to be missing with Google.

This is where SSO1 (gControl) jumps to your rescue.

SSO1 (gControl) provides an effective of addressing this problem through Advanced  Passwords Policy feature.

How G Suite Password Policy Feature Works?

The admin needs to login and click on the SSO1 (gControl) icon from apps and click on the Advance Password Policy from Quciklinks and Enable password policy by clicking the check box. The admin can define the following

  1. Complexity of the password.
  2. Set password age
  3. You can even restrict the user from using the username as his password.

That's it the admin need not do anything else just make the changes add the rules and save. After this once Users login they will be forced to change their policy according to the new corporate rules.

The administrator has full freedom in framing the password policy for the corporate users and gives full control to the admin and protects the corporate network from unauthorized access.

Now even though you are using Google Apps which is a cloud based solution SSO1 (gControl) provides allows you to have better control on your domain

Google Apps Password Policy FAQ

No, SSO1 (gControl) doesn't store the user's password. It uses the credential provided in login page to authenticate with Google Apps/Active Directory/Azure Active Directory.

G Suite Password Policy

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