G Suite Forgot Password

Forgot Password Policy Helps to Reset Lost Password of Google Apps

G Suite Forgot Password Policy

When the user forgets the password for the business email (Google application), it is usually the google apps admin who is burdened with resetting of password. It is quite a tedious and time consuming task for an organization with a significant number of headcount.

G Suite Forgot Password feature uses the Question & Answers method to help the users reset their passwords, Google Apps admin can define some predefined questions and set the policies to have min questions answered by the user to allow them to reset their own passwords.

Once admin turns on the policy, SSO1 (gControl) will force the user to answer the questions and store it for future reference, which users will have to answer to reset their password.

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Though Google apps ease the IT infrastructure all there are a few challenges/ complexity it adds.

Let's look into a challenge which it poses and how it might trouble your IT team.

Surveys show that close to 20% of the users of an Enterprise tend to forget their passwords of various accounts. Your organization might also be facing this situation time and again where a user forgets his password and he requests the IT admin to reset his password.

The process to change a user is simple yet it takes considerable amount of the Admin's time. It doesn't make sense for an Organization to waste an IT admin's productive time in helping users reset the passwords.


SSO1 (gControl) comes to the rescue in this situation. SSO1 (gControl) allows the user to reset his/her password on his own without needing assistance from the IT admin. Let's see how SSO1 (gControl) implements this feature.

Generally the internet websites ask users to set a security question while the user registers which they are asked to answer when they forget their password and need reset it. SSO1 (gControl) does the same in a different way.

  • SSO1 (gControl) allows the administrator to choose the question for any user.
  • The Admin has the freedom to choose any question he wants the user to answer.
  • The user can login to his account and if he/she has forgotten the password he can click the password reset option and he will be requested to answer the security question set by the Admin.
  • Once the user answers the question and if the answer is valid the user is allowed to change his password according to the company policy /policy set by the admin

A brief on how to configuring SSO1 (gControl) self-password reset. It's a simple process and one time for the user compared to Google's default password reset.

  • Admin has to login to the Google Admin Console.
  • He needs to have SSO1 (gControl) installed. Click on SSO1 (gControl) icon from the apps.
  • Click on the Password Policy and in General just select Allow end user to change the password.

Once you are done with the above process users of your organization can change their passwords on their own when they forget without the need of assistance from the IT admin.

G Suite Forgot Password Policy FAQ

Yes, Instead of admin,User can reset his own password with Forgot Password feature in SSO1 (gControl).

G Suite Forgot Password

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