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G Suite IP Restriction

Single Sign-On Solution For Enterprise Cloud Security

G Suite IP Restriction

25% of SSO1 (gControl) Customers Uses G Suite IP Restriction to Control Access To Google Apps

G Suite IP Restriction allows the Google Apps Administrator to restrict access to Google Apps / Google For Work from specified set of public IP addresses. The administrator can define multiple policies for an organization unit(OU) or for subset of user(s) giving access control only from a predefined IP address. The administrator can provide these IP's either through a CSV upload feature or through a specified user interface.

Any user(s) trying to access their Google Apps account using browser from unspecified IP addresses will be restricted even after providing RIGHT credentials. From security point of view even if the password/credentials are compromised the bad user will not be able to access the user's account thus protecting enterprise data from illegitimate access.

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The Challenge With Google Apps

Google For Work is one of the best cloud office product in the market. It provides end user with plethora of features to be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device. Though these are big word for end users, these become challenge for IT and IT Security team. The IT security team is more concerned about the security of the enterprise data which is hosted outside the perimeter of enterprise.

So, How Do You Enable / Ensure Email Security In Your Organization?

G Suite IP Restriction allows administrator to White-list the list of IP addresses from where the organization would like its user(s) to access the Google Apps account. The IP address is the public IP address(WAN IP) of enterprise network. The feature provides creation of multiple policies based on OU or users.

Google Apps IP restriction is one of the most popular features being used by our customers. 25% of our customers use this feature to control access to their enterprise data from enterprise network or network known to the enterprise.

How G Suite IP Restriction Works

Google Apps IP Restriction helps in restricting access control from a particular device based on IP address on the similar principle of Whitelisting and Blacklisting IP address.

Here is how it works:

  • Admin Needs to login first and has to click on the SSO1 (gControl) Icon.
  • Click on IP restriction link from Quick Links
  • View all existing created policies
  • Click on Add policy if a new one has to be added
  • Mention the necessary details such as name, policy, description etc..

You can add Users ID and corporate Network IP's manually or upload the CSV file by clicking on the respective icons. Now when an end user tries to log in from unauthorized IP's they will get notified that user is not allowed to login from this system.

The G Suite IP Restriction Advantage

  • Admin has a choice to whom to give access and whom not to give access.
  • Admin can add practically unlimited IP's and users in the policy.
  • Admin can retrieve the registered user & IP related details in zip format which can be used to perform periodic checks in an easier and efficient way.
  • The Admin has the freedom to create multiple policies for the corporate users so that the admin can choose different IP restriction policies for different services. This allows more flexibility.
  • Google Apps IP Restriction solves one more challenge which Google Apps poses to an Organization which switches to Google Apps

Google Apps IP Restriction FAQ

IP restriction policy must be configured with Public IP or Proxy IP of the organization.