Netherlands CBS Views Regarding Cyber Security Monitoring

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 24th, 2021

The second annual Cybersecurity monitor has been recently published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). It offers an insight view into range and different existing Cyber security issues. Also, it displays that ‘what practices are used in organizations and by officials worldwide to secure cloud data?’ Cyber security monitoring all the time is an essential need in the current scenario for achieving prevention against recent Cyberthreats. Using different mediums along with twenty different indicators, the overall report gives a blueprint of cybercrimes and incidents encountered by users and companies.

In today’s world of digitization, societies are dependent upon ICT i.e., Information and communication technology. Users, educational institutions, and companies have started sharing a bulk amount of information – including private-secretive content – to achieve new insights and for enhancing the decision-making procedure. Now just wait for a second!

Do you know that sharing private information online is taking you towards the darker side of ICT like data breaches, malfunctions, privacy violations, and might be cybercrime too?

Till today’s date, there are around 20 indicators used for monitoring cyber security by Netherlands CBS. The purpose of this is to create an image of a number of cybercrimes, cases, and issues, and security measures taken by citizens, government officials, and businesses to troubleshoot the incidents.

Cyber Security – First Read Out Its Define

In today’s CyberWorld, there is a demand for insight into Cyber security, which is based on indicators like paid cloud services use. Also, there is a need for improvement in the definition of Cyber security monitoring . A conceptual understanding and architecture, as well as the description and classifications, is needed to create an effective monitoring system. In a Cybersecurity scenario, everyone does not speak a common language. For example – Some people avoid the categorization of Cyberbullying in the list of Cybersecurity measures; while others take this topic very seriously. Unfortunately, there are none of the specific things that states ‘Cybersecurity as a whole’. This means that it is really a challenging task to create and implement a balanced and complete situation image.

Cyber Security Monitoring – An Essential Business Process

Being the project leader, Andries Kuipers the statistical researcher at Netherlands CBS is responsible for programming Cyber security monitor. He said that ‘We have addressed a demand among compliance makers and businesses, which regularly tackle Cybersecurity for the statistical insights on this particular topic.’ Using the existing indicators to monitor Cyber security, we can make an estimation of what data is available in business and what chances of Cyberthreats are there, which can occur on them? Also, one needs to address answers to the following questions and implement them so that we don’t give hackers a single attack point:

  • What threats are you facing?
  • What protective measures are we using to neutralize the threats?
  • How serious is the threat is, to your business?

The overall purpose is to develop a monitoring system within the fully-fledged monitor, which renders a proper systematic overview of Cybersecurity problems.

Additional Information

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate policy cooperated in originating 1st two versions. It’s not only the ministry that plays an essential role for Netherlands CBS in enhancing their knowledge regarding issues; other associated actors are also taking note. These actors determine the causes due to which the external affairs look for the Netherlands CBS’ statistical information about Cybersecurity concern with classic values as well as qualities like sound methodology, public administrations use with sufficient amount of data, independence, making database available for the researches in future, and probabilities of connecting records to other Netherlands CBS datasets.

Conceptual Framework

Along with the already existing indicators and enforcing to the conceptual framework, the Netherlands CBS is also researching for new sources and data. Released solutions for Cybersecurity monitoring in 2018 are more extensive in comparison to the 2017 version and that too in different aspects. According to Andries Kuipers, like the previous year, the edition of this year comprises around 20 indicators, but it also involves a bundle of new features. For example – Netherlands CBS released an additional set of questions in companies to determine that how enterprises are using ICT, to figure out the ICT accidents within the firms, and the financial loss because of these accidents. Keep one thing in mind that no one is giving the guarantee of any kind of indicators released today, are going to stay usable and workable in the future. It is so because the indicator’s effect is totally dependent upon the type of Cybercrime taking place.

Collaborate With 3rd Parties For Monitoring CyberSecurity

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