Cyber Security Prevention: Not Compulsory But, Necessary for Cloud Users

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 7th, 2021

Nowadays the total number of cyber-attacks is skyrocketing. Every day there are around 3K attempts on the targeted private or government businesses. Regulators state that cybercrimes cause significant risks to the financial investors, organizations, and the market. This simply means that a major concentration on Cyber security prevention strategy in the cloud is required; otherwise, in no time your confidential data might get exposed in the public market.

Are Firewalls Enough To Achieve Cybersecurity prevention?

Several business officials raise a question in front of cloud security experts that ‘they are already having network firewalls in their premises then, why to go for more prevention methods?’

The network firewalls or antivirus software are capable of recognizing malware but, today’s smart hackers are capable of passing these simple network security practices through their tech tricks. They are having high-skills to manipulate IT machines and fetch business core information from them. According to the Trend Micro study, an organization demands 230 days (minimum) to enforce a Cybersecurity prevention plan on their premises in a proper manner. Well, enterprises need to learn the fact that ‘A cyber threat can damage their entire firm and result in an adverse effect, keeping market reputation at high risk’. Talking about the past, cloud attacks have been prevalent and continue its overall impact on organizations and individuals. Threats damage all the brand reputation, which in the majority of cases is impossible to regain back.

Here comes a necessary call for Cybersecurity prevention techniques – not just because it is made compulsory by the government but, to secure the company’s confidential data from attackers. Ranging from small enterprises to large organizations all are at the helm of security.

Top 4 Cyber Security Prevention Strategies

It is not possible to decide whether the threat source will be from internal premises or an external network. So, your organization should be 24*7 ready to fight with external as well as internal threats. A cloud security data breach incidence impacts both business and its working employees. Therefore, it’s a big challenge for a firm owner to ensure the safety of his or her entire business. It becomes essential to achieve prevention against the Cyber security threat, prior to its occurrence. Following comes the top 4 technCybersecurity security prevention, which can be adopted in an industry to gain cloud data security:

  • Gain Data Access Control: Being the organization’s owner, it is your responsibility to be known from the aspect that all are accessing core information of the firm. In some situations, employees themselves don’t realize that they have unintentionally shared the core information with hackers. An administrator should be appointed in a business whose work should be only to look at an employee’s behavior and operations with vital data. The role of an administrator should be to limit down the use of sensitive content and provide it only to those who are in need of it. This Cybersecurity prevention tip strongly recommends business owners to tighten the checking procedure on data access.
  • Action Plan to Deal Disaster: Unfortunately, if in case your business suffers from a cyberthreat, you should be having a security team in the backup. This team should be skilled with expert knowledge of dealing with breach incidences. For example – Large enterprises prefer hiring a security team on their premises whose work is only to monitor the networking activity to prevent or deal with suspicious issues. Ensure that the hired security team is properly known with the enforcement of Cybersecurity prevention plans at their correct location. It is required because if in case the prevention plan is not imposed at its accurate path, it’s of no use to implement it in business.
  • Periodically Change Passwords: This idea to fight against Cyberattacks suggests all web-based email account users to periodically alter the passwords of their account. One can make use of CloudCodes gControl solution to automate the process of changing the account passwords. This solution will remind account users to modify the password, and if someone tries to ignore the message, predefined actions will be taken against him or her. If one doesn’t want to go for an automated solution, he or she should be in habit of changing the account password at least once a month. This will help you in tightening the standards used for Cyber security prevention.
  • Train Your Business Officials: In today’s date, schools, colleges, and other kinds of educational institutions do not educate students on the cloud security concept. This means that its the role of external bodies to educate people about cloud computing and its protection. Also, it is the responsibility of a business that works with online technology to regularly train their employees with the security aspect. Otherwise, their unintentional activity might force your business to pay high. Enterprise authorities should train their new as well as existing employees with cloud computing security measures. This will ensure them that from the business end, employees are properly trained with the way to work securely on the cloud.

Now Its Implementation Time

Prevention is better than cure’ – Cloud computing protection works on this pattern. Cybersecurity prevention strategy enables organizations to work securely on online platforms. If practices are implemented in the correct manner, one thing can be ensured that no one will be able to misuse data or leak it at any cost.