How to Curtail Data Breach Incidents?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • August 13th, 2021

What is Data Breach?

A data breach is not something that would surprise companies as most firms today have tasted the bitterness of data breaches. Cloud computing has undoubtedly opened the door for work flexibility and escalated work productivity to a higher degree. Still, as a by-product of this BYOD work era, users use multiple devices with different IP addresses, various browsers, etc. All of this surely ensures enhanced work flexibility as users can work with their ease from any place anywhere, but at the same time, this is giving rise to more and more data breach incidents. The use of many sanctioned and unsanctioned apps by employees of the organizations generates shadow IT, and thus the trouble of data leakages germinates. 

What Are the Various Ways in Which Data Theft Occurs? 

There are many different ways in which data breaches occur, and it is difficult for companies to undo their aftereffects. Thus, prevention rests as the best cure! If a person has access to organizational data on his unencrypted laptop, and that particular laptop is stolen/hacked, then a data breach can occur, this is one way of it. 

Other times, vulnerabilities get discovered either by online researchers or cyber criminals, and system admin either cannot or does not patch that vulnerability adequately fast. Thus the criminals become capable of exploiting that vulnerability. There exist many different ways for a data breach to happen. It is because it is just a matter of one weak link, and the organizational system goes for a toss!

How Do Companies Respond or React to Any Data Breach Incidents?

Data breach problems have gradually gained extensive attention as organizations all over the world of businesses of all sizes have become more and more reliant on cloud data, digital computing methods, and workforce security. With sensitive organizational information being stored on local systems, enterprise-run databases, as well as on cloud servers, data breaches have become dull as gaining access is more accessible now to a restricted network. 

Though data breaches have always existed even before the inception of digital data storage methods, the problems have escalated to a greater extent since then. Earlier, there were different methods by which companies reacted to data breach incidents, but now, the reaction time has changed as they have the reaction methods. Companies now look out for third-party solutions like Cloud Access Security Brokers to meet their cloud security requirements after facing a data breach incident.

Time to Find Out More About Data Loss Incidents?

Without proper CASB solutions, it would take longer for a company to find out about any data breach incident unless they have some adept security solutions like CASB in place. With a CASB solution like the one provided by industry leader, CloudCodes, any such data breach attempts are reported right away to the admin through the generation of reports immediately, and thus steps can be taken quickly.

Cost of Data Loss Incidents?

Security risks in cloud computing networks have been multiplying ever, and they are now much costlier and happen even more frequently than ever. But with CASB solutions, respite can be attained by organizations, big and small.

CASB Solution to Secure Your Cloud Data?

Data breach risks are ever-increasing with cloud computing ways. So, putting a cloud security solution in place for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the need of the hour. Corporate entities start investing in useful CASB solutions with DLP capabilities. It always proves to be a good value for money invested into them; because the data breach losses that they can avert amount to significant profits for organizations. Amend a loss, and win a profit!

A CASB provider additionally offers complete cloud visibility into approved and non-approved cloud utilization. It can capture and scrutinize information traffic between the corporate system and cloud stage, help with consistent issues, offer information security arrangement authorization, and forestall unapproved gadgets, clients, and applications from getting to cloud administrations.