Firms Would Be Choosing Cloud Owing to Enterprise Information Security

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 15th, 2020

Enhancing Business Growth by Achieving Resiliency

When cloud technology had just begun, then enterprises were wary of it and had apprehensions about cloud data security. They were a lot reluctant to implement it owing to the fear of weak enterprise information security and also the enterprises were more comfortable with their old way of managing on-premises data with their own data centers. The familiarity and comfort were critical for applications like ERP that managed sensitive data. But this viewpoint that the cloud is insecure is gradually being wiped out and enterprises have started embracing cloud technology being more aware that the cloud can provide excellent enterprise information security. So, what is that has made organizations shift to cloud technology?

Enterprise Information Security Lacking in Cloud Run Systems

The year 2017 proved to be an appalling year for the enterprises that had shifted to cloud services but had not planned on cloud data security. Companies, irrespective of being big or small, had instances of data thefts and data breaches, which were either too large or small in degree, but nevertheless could never be ignored. This compromised cloud security resulted in many plants being slowed down or shut temporarily till the processes were sorted out. Many companies even reported reduced earnings due to the lack of customer and partner trust. A leading credit information company had millions of its customer records exposed due to the weakened cloud security and they tried hard to woo their customers back but were met with little success. There is the flooding of constant bad news from the security information front and companies still continue in its state of unpreparedness to put up a strong defense and quick action.

Cloud Security Flaws

It is true that companies are finding it hard to manage the escalating costs needed to boost their data security. Also, the hacking world is always ever-evolving and the enterprises need to be constantly on vigil with trained staff to inspect any abnormalities in the data so that breaches can be prevented and detected. The cost of hiring and retaining information security professionals also acts as a deterrent to the enterprises. They need to actively perform testing, inspect for threats, and have sharp response teams, and stay on top of patching. The year 2018 is going to be a testing time for the enterprises even more so due to the changing geopolitics and global sociopolitical influence.

What’s the Take of Cloud Service Providers on Enterprise Information Security?

Cloud service providers are well aware of the fact that breaches can happen anyhow and anywhere, and so they are now constantly upgrading their security software and investing for the past many years on improvised tools and practices. Providing secure cloud services is the primary motive of all the cloud security vendors and having reduced security shortcomings is core to their business. It is the work of the cloud providers that they have excellent cloud services that will satisfy the customers and put a rest to the fears of data thefts. Not all cloud providers may be equal where cloud security is concerned, but they need to stay ahead and actively involve the latest enterprise information security technology and software.

Cloud as a Safer Haven!

Cloud can be a safe haven at a relatively low cost when both the enterprises as well as the service providers share the responsibilities of cloud security. The enterprises should be aware of the data that has to be protected and their location. A small awareness and knowledge about enterprise information security and the measures to be followed in order to keep the data safe will go a long way in ensuring that the sensitive data remains safe and secure in the cloud. Also, enterprises can be guided about the various cloud security solutions available around like CASB solutions, which can help them a great deal in bringing about utmost security in the cloud. With the proper deployment of CASB solutions, enterprises can improve cloud security for computing as well as data storage. When enterprise information security challenges are properly addressed by the service providers then truly there will be no other safe haven for the data in the cloud.