Cloud Security For Dummies

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 5th, 2021


The new buzzword is cloud computing. It is the process of using the network of servers/hardware/computers that are hosted by the provider and available through web/Internet for multiple purposes such as storage and computing. Various organizations are adopting it as it provides a multitude of benefits. Employees expect to work efficiently and effectively wherever they are — at the office, at home, or on the road — using the most convenient way possible. — whether that’s with a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Now people are getting their jobs done using cloud computing services. But the apps being used to do that work aren’t being used safely. That’s where cloud security for dummies comes in.

Benefits of Cloud Security For Dummies:

  • Saves Expenditure on Running and Maintaining Data Centers: You are free from the daunting and highly technical tasks of running those critical servers on your premises. You can instead focus more on your business.
  • Global Accessibility: You can easily access your applications from around the world, which are just a few clicks away from you even when you are miles away from the workplace. This provides great convenience to your employees and customers.
  • Better Resource Management: It provides just-in-time approach for resource management. You are free from making any guess capacity decisions. It eliminates the chances of excess or limited resource setups. You use as per your requirement and pay as per use.

The Threats and Concerns with Cloud Computing

Any organization that is taking help of cloud technology gets comfortable with its data hosting on cloud network as it receives more knowledge and experience on cloud security practices. In contrast, beginners are often reluctant about cloud safety. No doubt, a better knowledge, insight, and experience bring confidence in any venture; it is a practical thing that anyone can feel. It’s true that cloud services leave some serious concerns for data security. Well, there are ways to look and fix them. Every good thing comes with some pitfalls. Same applies to cloud computing as well. It puts various threats and concerns on the visibility of data sharing, suspicious activities like hacking and phishing, access from undesirable devices, geographical area and IP addresses?

But there is a solution! I.e Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB).

What Is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

SIt is a software tool or service that functions in-between an organization and cloud applications. It helps organizations to increase the reach of their security policies. A report from Gartner predicts rise in CASB market share from its present $100 million to reach $500 million by the end of 2017.

How Cloud Access Security Broker Helps in Cloud Security?

  • Gives Application Visibility: It allows organization to view and analyze the usage of both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud application. It gives visibility of – who is using which applications, how much data transfer is taking place and where does the risk lies?
  • Helps Ensure Compliance in the Cloud: Cloud access security brokers provide compliance in the cloud as per your organization. HIPAA or HITECH, PCI, FFIEC and FINRA are some of the commonly implemented compliance by different organizations.
  • Visibility and Control over Cloud Expenditure: It helps you to get your hands around cloud spending. A CASB gives report of your cloud spending. It can point various redundancies in functionalities and license costs.
  • Protection from Threats: You get protection from various cloud threats like malware and insider threats. It can perform intelligent threat detection, analysis and rectification.
  • Data Protection: It gives facility of data encryption and tokenization services to protect high priority and confidential data.