The Importance of Data Loss Prevention Solutions for IT Companies

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 11th, 2020

Importance of Data Loss Prevention Solutions

As per the survey conducted by Gartner, Data Loss Protection (DLP) Solution is the first priority for CISOs. It is defined as an approach or procedure that addresses the confidential content, tracks the record that moves in to and fro motion, and secures business vital information from unauthorized use. Several technologies, cloud security standards, and disclosure policies are enforced in a Cloud DLP software to offer a strong information protection system. Now a question arises that why data loss prevention security and compliance are given so much importance? Is it really too much essential as it seems to be? The answer to this commonly asked cloud computing-based question is briefly elucidated in this post. Enterprises can go through it and realize the importance of Data Loss Protection Solutions for their business growth.

4 Reasons Due to Which Your Firm Needs Cloud DLP Solutions

The leakage of confidential content could lead to a significant amount of financial loss and reputation damage for enterprises. It is true that companies are known for these Cyberattacks and, online storage security is a hot topic these days. But, there are several industries that do not completely understand the DLP business case for DLP initiatives. Having the same sort of content in mind, we have sketched four reasons that describe the importance of Data Loss Protection solutions.

1. You aren’t monitoring your content & you are unaware of employees who are working with it.

Enterprises on their own cannot achieve a 360-degree view of their data accessed by office workers. It is not possible to avail of this cloud monitoring system through a native auditing process. Here comes the role of the Data Leakage Protection approach that provides a 360-degree view of business information. Admin will be able to learn what data is accessed by which employee at what time and what activities are carried away on their information. It ensures the network actions against your security policies of the organization and gives a strong solution to control and protect sensitive content. An advanced data loss prevention software gives security to financial records, the industry’s customers & employee records, PII, and other kinds of intellectual property.

2. You have enabled BYOD and Shadow IT concepts in your enterprise but, have you enforced security on them?

BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) and Shadow IT both these cloud computing technologies provide working flexibility. It enables officials to use their enterprise data at any time from any geolocation. These technologies are not a problem for employees but, they are one of the biggest cloud security challenges for enterprises. Who knows whether an authentic employee is using your firm content from an external server or, an unauthorized person is using the office’s employee credentials to work with business data? Here comes the role of an advanced DLP solution! It helps in preventing accidental breaching of secretive data from all devices. Independent from the location of data, the Data Loss Prevention policy continuously monitors the data and reduces the chances of loss.

Just An Additional Tip – Enterprises can adopt Shadow IT or BYOD technology to achieve flexibility in the working process but, they need to ensure security. They can make use of DLP vendors like CloudCodes, which renders solutions for Shadow IT security and BYOD data protection.

3. You are not having confidence while implementing business cloud security solutions to meet compliance regulations.

There exist global compliance demands, which force enterprises’ content to be available on the public as well as a private network. If a private network is secured properly, there is no problem but, what about a public network? Hackers or Cyber attackers are always seeking a chance to attempt attacks on targeted firms, especially over the public server. Therefore, relevant sets of compliance like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc., are made mandatory by different countries’ governments. For example – It is essential for organizations to adopt GDPR compliance if they are accessing European citizens’ records. This ensures protection to the individuals residing in the EU whose data is accessed by a company for their growth. A data loss prevention software assists its customers to enforce compliance in their industry as per the defined set of rules

4. Your organization has a strategy to deal with external threats but, what about the internal threat?

There is a high risk of data being leaked by internal employees of your business if you do not implement proper internal threat network security. Threats like a sudden data breach, misuse of business documents, revealing of secretive content through emails, USB devices, etc., are caused due to officials working in workstations. Therefore, do not ignore the internal threat protection strategy because your company coworkers can also cheat on you. It should be the responsibility of the enterprise’s authorities to adopt a DLP solution, which offers protection from internal as well as external Cyberthreats.

Hope Your Are Clear With Your Doubts on the Importance of Data Loss Protection Solutions

Answer to your question that why DLP is important in business, is briefly explained in this post. Now it’s time to buckle up your cloud computing security ideas and implement a proper data loss protection solution in your business. One of the top data loss prevention products is offered by CloudCodes DLP Solution, which features all the solutions required to protect business cloud content.