CloudCodes DLP – An Umbrella of Data Protection!

Pallavi VaranasiCloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 27th, 2017

Data security issues are an everyday affair in the corporate world with more and more companies entering into the cloud working models. The year 2017 has come out to be a very terrible one in terms of enterprise security. All across the world, many firms, institutions and even government-run bodies had unknowingly given their sensitive data and confidential info into the malicious hands of the hackers. Towards the end of this year 2017, it is somewhat of a wakeup call for many corporate entities, globally. It is not that cloud adoption by firms has not benefitted them; companies have certainly tasted the increased productivity fruits of working in the cloud environment. Cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox, G Suite, Zoho, etc. have really turned the tables in terms of enhancing the work productivity and business productivity levels to a great high. Team collaborations have also improved considerably and needless to mention that data sharing is better than ever before. But, all this while of moving to cloud networks has also paved the way for many data leak avenues and such scenarios are to be seen frequently around. So, to curb such data leak incidences, organizations first need to be fully aware as well as very vigilant on how their data is being used as well as how it is being shared by its company employees. In today’s blog we are goint to learn about CloudCodes DLP solution, how firms can easily secure their data and ensure safety of their data, intellectual property, as well as confidential information

Data Loss Prevention

Data volumes are increasing exponentially day after day, which is leading to more and more data leak possibilities through accidental disclosures of sensitive data. Companies can address these issues by adopting DLP, i.e. data loss prevention, which will put a gate valve over the data, thus checking on such data leak attempts. By adopting DLP solutions, IT can identify/monitor/protect data that is in use or in motion over the network or the data which is at rest inside company’s data storage locations over various desktops, mobile devices, laptops, tablets etc.

CloudCodes CASB Solution for DLP

Reasons to Adopt CloudCodes DLP

  • Firms being unsure about where their confidential information is getting exposed, stored, transferred to and who is accessing it
  • Enterprises need to be cautious against external threats, unwanted intrusions to protect data leak incidents and unintended data disclosures by users or employees or even organization partners
  • Organizations worry about taxing data losses after recurrent breaches
  • Maintaining compliance is a serious concern of the companies due to complex regulations
  • Proprietary data to be protected against data leak threats after universal data access in cloud

DLP Mustn’t Be an Afterthought!

Cloud Access Security Brokers prove their presence with useful CASB solutions that help a great deal in ensuring complete data security cross multiple organizational segments. Adopting a comprehensive DLP strategy mustn’t be an afterthought for any firm; as it is the need of the hour in preventing organizational data. CloudCodes is leading CASB solution provider and its cloud-based DLP solution is highly effective for organizations. With this CloudCodes DLP solution, firms can easily secure their data and ensure safety of their proprietary data, intellectual property, as well as confidential information. CloudCodes DLP detects potential data breach attempts and any such data-exfiltration transmissions, thus preventing data through careful monitoring, timely detection and even blocking critical data while it is in-use (through endpoint actions), or in-motion (through network traffic) or at-rest (inside company’s data storage locations). CloudCodes DLP, firms can check employees from sending any crucial data outside the corporate networks.

CloudCodes DLP

CloudCodes CASB Solution for DLP

CloudCodes DLP solution is an umbrella of protection under the dark clouds of threat from both internal and external players who attempt mischief. It monitors the entire organizational data stored on Cloud relentlessly, enables the IT admin to setup access restriction policies and protocols in line with organizational rules and regulations, helps ensure compliance with company’s internal policies, register policy violations throughout the system, blocks any unauthorized attempts by imposing restrictions, and generate system-wide timely alerts to promptly counteract against any perceived threats.

  • Monitor Data Activity
    • Setup compliance policies
    • Continual data scanning
    • Configure sharing policies
  • Detect
    • Policy violations
    • Unauthorized activity
    • Access to whitelist/blacklist URLs
  • Prevent Data Loss
    • Block personal Gmail
    • Block/Track upload and download
    • Block/Track external sharing
    • Block/Track data detection
    • Block/Track Dropbox application sync
    • Block/Track sharing across OU
    • Enforce session timeout policy
  • Multiple Check-Points –
    • Real-time violation reports
    • Self Generate reports