How To Fit Cloud DLP Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 3rd, 2021

Need Cloud DLP in your Cybersecurity

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a well-known strategy that limits the scope of sensitive and protected data within the organization’s network. Taking it up a notch, Cloud DLP concerns with securing data stored in the cloud. It is different from the conventional type of data loss prevention methods as the data is not stored on-premise server or within your network. So the traditional network security will not safeguard the data. Hence you need Cloud DLP in your Cybersecurity.

Advantages of Using Cloud Data Loss Prevention

  • DLP permits deep integration with assorted cloud apps viz G Suite and others
  • It allows auditing and classification of the existing data based on sensitivity in terms of data loss
  • Scanning and classification of newly created/uploaded data
  • A DLP platform monitors enforce, and takes action 24×7
  • In case a DLP policy is violated, administered alerts are sent for a suitable investigation

Main Features for Cloud DLP Platform(s)

Following are the chief features of cloud DLP platform(s):

1. Machine Learning

The platforms that use machine learning permit the technology to get smarter regarding the data that can be flagged as policy violations. Benefits of machine learning in cloud Data Protection comprise betterment in the recognition of highly complicated data loss scenarios and decrease false positives.

2. Pre-Built & Customized Policies of DLP Platform(s)

Out-of-the-box DLP policies are a time saver and they ensure best practices in terms of data loss prevention. Since every organization has different needs, you need Cloud Data Loss Prevention in your Cybersecurity, which is customizable.

3. Automated Actions

In your Cybersecurity, Cloud DLP must take automatic action(s) in case of policy violation in conjunction with sending out the alerts. It should also allow us to set a policy for deleting, unsharing, quarantine, revoking access rights, and many more actions to save a ton of time and enhance cloud data security.

4. Content &Context-Aware DLP

There are few specific key terms and/or text strings as a part of “rules” on basis of which the DLP technology scans the cloud data. Through this, the content and context-aware DLP searches for information that might require protection.

5. Notifications& Alerts

The cloud Data Protection solutions have the feature of setting administrator alerts along with user notifications. DLP notifications are advantageous in a way that the user gains knowledge of policy violations and the events related to the file and/or communication. It also brings an insight into safe data handling practices.

Final Thought on Need Cloud DLP in your Cybersecurity

You need CloudCodes DLP in your Cybersecurity, if your organization is making, sorting, and/or sharing data in the cloud. In this case, the solution should automate a large chunk of tasks needed for monitoring, auditing, and controlling the events happening in your cloud apps. You can save plenty of time and effort with the selection of Cloud security Solution that gets integrated with all other cloud apps which are used by your team. CloudCodes Security Solutions can support you with cloud DLP solutions that surpass all others!