What is Cloud Monitoring? It’s Working and Benefits

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 30th, 2020

Cloud Monitoring is all about monitoring, evaluating, and managing cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure. In order to have a real-time look at the user’s activities, it is necessary that enterprises make use of different cloud monitoring strategies. It is not just a deep analysis of the Azure, Google, or AWS servers. There are many other services in the cloud infrastructure that needs to be monitored. The enterprises can gain immensely from the monitoring service of cloud-based applications and it can be utilized along with others like Office 365, Gmail, and Zoho Mail, etc. The conventional tools of monitoring are used for cloud services. But to monitor the server, there is a requirement of additional tools other than the basic tools. Nowadays, there are tools that just focus on Salesforce, Office 365, etc.

Working of Cloud Monitoring

What is the cloud? It is a web-hosted app set that saves, permits, and processes data over the web in the presence of internet connection. In general terms, cloud computing for enterprises means using the internet to access their websites and emails like Gmail, Verizon, etc. They can even save files on Dropbox, G Drive, and many other cloud storage platforms. The enterprises use cloud services so that their tasks become easy and productivity increases. The SaaS (Software as a Service) option helps them to subscribe to business programs or get space on the server to host their proprietary programs. The resources, servers, and programs that are running the apps in an enterprise can be monitored by a set of cloud monitoring tools. The tools can be availed from these two sources:

  1. From Independent SaaS Providers: The SaaS providers have an expert panel that manages the performance of the services that the enterprises have purchased. Money is to be paid only for the services that are purchased.
  2. From the Cloud Service Providers: Here, the tools are the part of the services rendered by the cloud service providers. The integration is seamless and there is no requirement of installation software.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

The cloud monitoring benefits in cloud-based applications are listed below:

  1. The infrastructure and configurations are already available and hence the installation becomes quick and easy.
  2. Other than the hardware, there are dedicated tools that can be used by the host for cloud monitoring.
  3. The cloud monitoring solutions can be used by every enterprise, big or small. If the enterprise wants to scale its operations on the cloud, then appropriate monitoring software is available to scale it.
  4. In subscription-based solutions, the cost becomes less because there is no requirement of additional expenditures for infrastructure. Also, since the maintenance price is distributed among several end users, the overall cost gets drastically reduced.
  5. When any enterprise faces local problems regarding their server, workspace, or physical infrastructure, the cloud monitoring activities are not disrupted. Hence, there is no interruption on the monitoring activities on the cloud.
  6. There is available software to be utilized on portable devices like Smartphones, tablets, etc. thus, the enterprises can monitor their services and apps constantly.

CASB for Cloud Monitoring

From the security and performance aspects, monitoring of all cloud-based apps and services is a must for enterprises to leverage their work on the cloud. The challenge is in selecting the right APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solution. The experts are of the opinion that the CASB solution, given by a Cloud Access Security Broker, is the best cloud monitoring tool. It helps enterprises to monitor their cloud services and apps in real-time. The benefit is that the clients get a single dashboard where the admin can view all the activities performed by the staff of the enterprise. Whenever anything suspicious is detected, the CASB solution sends out a warning message that appears on the dashboard. The admin can take appropriate action before the occurrence of a disaster. Moreover, with the umpteenth number of users worldwide, CASB solutions have proven to be the most effective and efficient type of cloud monitoring tools helping enterprises to save and secure their data in the cloud.