CloudCodes DLP for Dropbox Data Protection

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • August 5th, 2021

Advantages of DLP for Dropbox benefit enterprises, but at the same time, Dropbox Security is something that is perturbing managements for which Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a potential solution.

DLP for Dropbox 

Dropbox is a file-hosting cloud service offering facilities including cloud data storage, file synchronization over the cloud, personal cloud, as well as client software. Many enterprises find these cloud facilities provided by Dropbox to be beneficial and highly helpful in making their business processes more productive. Enhanced flexibility, free data access, and many other such advantages have lured thousands of business houses into using Dropbox for accelerating their operations to increase productivity manifolds. Still, Dropbox security is something that is a concern of many such enterprises. Employees find it easy to work with such cloud models, and thus they work more efficiently. But sometimes, this boon turns into a bane when this free data access and flexible working environments put the confidential data exposed into the hands of malicious users, who can take any unlawful actions to harm the organizations. In this scenario, we need DLP for Dropbox security.

CASB for Dropbox Protection

Frequent data theft incidents hamper cloud security of any organization, wherein, CASB solutions pitch in to secure the systems. A quick thought generated by normal human reflex is to block Dropbox, but the advantages reaped through its use are many, and organizations are benefitting from them greatly. Hence the search for some better solution is necessary, wherein the problem is resolved without missing out on any real benefits of Dropbox. So, Cloud Access Security Broker is a great ray of hope in this direction.

Data Control With DLP for Dropbox Cloud Security

CloudCodes is a leading CASB solution provider, known worldwide for its quality-efficient CASB solutions. Data Control is a part of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module, from where admin defines security policies for Dropbox data.

The policies for Data Control are imposed for restricting users of enterprises from free and flexible data access. It is primarily done for avoiding any anomalous unauthorized transmissions of highly sensitive data about critical organizational info outside the organization’s cloud networks through various ways like the use of personal Gmail accounts etc. While creating one of these policies under Data Control for Dropbox, the admin has two options under the Dropbox Tab; out of which, one is to either keep a track or second is to block Dropbox usage by organizational users using cloud network. It is advisable to Check appropriate radio-buttons according to the requirements and policies needed by that enterprise for cloud security. Out of the two options available, the Track Option helps the admin to keep real-time data surveillance of its usage with Dropbox application, and also helps in tracking Consumer Account, Application sync, and Document Download. The Block Option, on the other hand, on being selected, entirely blocks Dropbox usage for all Consumer Accounts, application sync, and document downloads.

CloudCodes Dropbox

CloudCodes CASB for Dropbox Data Protection gives granular control to the enterprises, ensuring the safety and privacy of enterprise data. CloudCodes enables enterprises to adopt secure Dropbox apps that involve complete control for safeguarding programs. We are offering Dropbox Protection with a full array of deployment modes for equipping vibrant and contextual information around the Dropbox usage that involves location, service, device, and content. We will be helping users in standardizing the Dropbox by coaching end-users towards the platform from the unsanctioned alternatives.