Dropbox Protection & Privacy – Is This Cloud Storage Solution Still Great Nowadays?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 2nd, 2021

Dropbox protection & privacy is a widely used cloud storage platform, which is now used by SMBs and startup companies for collaboration purposes. This is one of the popular cloud storage services for end-users as well as companies worldwide. Dropbox data security has given a tough competition to Microsoft, Apple, and Google, by broadly starting cloud services to end-users. Now a question that nowadays companies ask is – Is it still worth using Dropbox, despite beginning as a small industry in 2007? The answer to this question varies because it is dependent upon what you search for in an online service. Well, here on this official page of the CloudCodes blog one is going to address the Dropbox security concept in deep. This will help you in deciding whether you should continue using Dropbox or not.

What is Dropbox in Business?

It is a file hosting service, which is operated and controlled by an American organization named Dropbox, Inc. This service offers file synchronization, personal cloud, cloud storage, and client products. Companies make use of this solution for storing and sharing documents, collaborating on projects, and coming out with the best ideas – when they are working in a team. Dropbox comprises of :

  • Computer apps for Apple macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows computers, and
  • Mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone, and Android smartphones & tablets.

A website-kind of the interface is offered to Dropbox clients. In Jan 2016, Dropbox was announced as a universal Win 10 application due to the partnership of the original company with Microsoft. An automatic feature is programmed in Dropbox, named as ‘photo uploading feature’. This auto feature enables end-users to upload photos or videos directly from SD cards, cameras, tablets, etc., in the Dropbox folder. No human involvement is needed to upload images in the Dropbox folder. Customers are already provided with 500 MB of extra storage space to upload pictures in Dropbox, and if in case customers want to increase this space, they are free to expand its maximum up to 3GB.

Have A Look at A Truth Fact – Saving documents on Dropbox automatically comes with the essential requirements of its security and privacy from eavesdropping incidences. Also, prevention from Cyberattackers is required who hack the targeted machines either for unauthorized access or stealing data.

Come Let’s Read About Dropbox Protection & Privacy

The Dropbox protection & privacy is dependent upon the account connection, which is made via email address. One can consolidate Facebook credentials with their dropbox for business security account to store data. This file hosting service comprises a complete section that is dedicated to security and giving answers to the queries based on how its security work. You might have noticed that whenever you login into your Dropbox account, an email is received. This email states that your id is used to sign in to a Dropbox account. The particular scenario helps in verifying that whether you are the one who has logged into the Dropbox account or anyone else has logged in. If in case anyone else had signed in, immediately change the password of the account without wasting a single second.

The idea to Tighten Dropbox Protection – One can make use MFA method to strengthen their cloud data security.

Also, the business plan users are benefited from lots of security options either in terms of corporate data privacy or high-level encryption algorithms and firewall. A sophisticated admin, integration, audit, and security features are rendered in this business license plan. It is quite obvious that business owners prefer the use of paperwork to attempt operations on confidential documents. Here, people do not worry so much as long as they are working on a secured web connection. This secure connection will provide prevention against data breach incidences or data being getting hacked.

Recommendation – A bank executive or a company that depends on the sharing of highly secretive documents can rely on Dropbox for these kinds of confidential operations. This gives a successful result only when proper security measures for Dropbox data protection are enforced on-premises.

Dropbox Is Still In The Race

Alike the Yahoo data breach or Quora data breach, there is no incident news of data breaches associated with Dropbox. Then, why are companies raising the question that is it still a great solution today or not? If you are properly enforcing Dropbox protection standards, of course, there is no risk of data loss. Still, if you think that you are unable to configure Dropbox protection settings, CloudCodes is at your service. CloudCodes provides its CASB solution for Dropbox customers that will help clients in configuring and maintaining Dropbox protection policy. Following listed are some solutions provided by CloudCodes to its Dropbox clients:

Consolidation of Dropbox cyber security with CloudCodes CASB vendor is a great idea to securely work on a file hosting service with no risk of data loss or Cyberthreats.