CASB Solution For Enterprises – For Your Enterprise Data Security

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 1st, 2021

CASB Solution For Enterprises

The most astonishing fact of a recent survey indicates that 3 out of 4 companies have experienced loss, leakage, or theft of sensitive data. Cloud security is the biggest challenge right now that is being faced by the organizations putting their reputations at stake. Data theft is not limited only to the small companies alone, but the big organizations are also falling trap to the data breaches taking place at an exponential rate. The question that arises out of all these is that when did data breach is a norm and how are organizations to get out of this mess? CASB Solution for Enterprises helps to secure their crucial corporate data through the enforcement of security policies as well as restrictions, whose violations are instantly reported.

Cloud Applications And Its Advantages

The start to all these problems lies in the way data is transmitted across devices and borders now. Today’s businesses require information to flow quickly and rapidly in the blink of an eye; we need the enterprise data now! Cloud computing has become an integral part of IT services. Cloud collaboration apps like Microsoft office 365 and Google Apps etc., have helped most organizations to expedite their critical flow of data. This has helped people across different continents collaborate on their projects and work together on reports. And the fact here is that all these require that the end-users have access to proprietary information without which working together will not be possible.

Risks Of Simple User Errors In An Enterprise

Herein lies the problem! The data is now so easily accessed and abused but not necessarily with malicious intent. It is a necessity rather than ill-intention. But what happens is that it opens a plethora of cloud security risks. There might be some simple user errors like uploading a sensitive file to the wrong folder in Dropbox. Errors like this which is the accidental disclosure of client data opens up a host of threats wherein all the trade secrets and maybe even health records (if we talk of medical firms and healthcare companies) are compromised. So, as an organization, how could you possibly help that such incidents don’t take place rather than going for solutions later after the error has occurred? In short, cloud computing affects every aspect of business and hence organizations need to find solutions to manage its impact.

CASB Solution For Enterprises For Cloud Data Security

The solution exists in the implementation of the CASB solution for enterprises. Cloud Access Security Brokers effectively sit between these cloud apps and the end-users; thus enforcing a series of cloud security protocols, which help in reducing the risks of data thefts and breaches. CASB solutions provide visibility into the use of collaborative cloud applications and induce a cloud security blanket that otherwise if unmonitored could pose a grave cloud security threat to the confidential enterprise data of any organization. CASB solution for enterprises helps to keep a track of their crucial enterprise data and can tell who is using what apps on which device and from where; through many distinct features including several restrictions, authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), credential mapping, device profiling, reporting, alerting and so on. Hence, even the on-premises data stay safe as well as the data that is beyond the corporate security perimeter stays secure. To further strengthen the cloud security of an enterprise, it needs to know what data is being shared too. The crucial data may be some health record, credit card information, or social security number. This is done through the use of CASB security solutions in the form of cloud-native API (Application Programming Interface) that audits and controls features of shared data. The APIs can be deployed in Office 365, Google Apps, and other popular cloud collaboration apps, which help in detecting suspicious behaviors before any data breach occurs without the knowledge of the enterprise. Hence, the CASB cloud solution helps to protect the enterprise data against insider mistakes and helps the company before it becomes an example of another data breach statistic.