Data Breach Statistics 2017

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  • December 15th, 2017

As the year is coming to an end, the social awareness level associated with cybersecurity and data breach have caused majority of people sit up and gather the notice. The trend of data breaches and hacking are not going to fade away because recent arena is high of internet marketing. Get complete report on data breach statistics 2017.

Data Breach Statistics 2017

The data breach is tracked by Gemalto over the years. Around 9 billions of record have been stolen, lost, and comprised, since year 2013. Talking about the release in year 2017, one of the major data breach trend is linked with the low internal security practices, whether it is about improper management of databases, its insecurity, or end users error. The recent version teaches provoking research that comprises of 13 percent upgradation in data breaches since last half of the year 2016 and 164% increase in lost, stolen, or comprised records.

Another noticing and known trend is developing the identity theft. It is possible that the identity theft might ruin anyone’s life after becoming the victim. They might be having ten thousands dollars of unauthorized payments on the credit card, cash was stolen from bank, and theft can commit the crimes with the name of victims. According to the observation of BLI, breaches caused by the identity theft constitutes 74% of incidents. This is an increase of around 49% in comparison to last second half year i.e., 2017.

A large number of the international information breach comes palpably when it is considered that Gemalto has been discovering 1,901,866,611 settled with data records in first half of the year 2017. In fact, it is the prediction by IDC that by the year 2020, there will be more than 1.5 billion users or quarter of the whole world population, which will be affected by this data breaches. Till now, US has constantly been the world leader in most of the data breaches incidents. This means that if there are 918 breaches then, out of these 801 will occur in US. The United Kingdom comes at the second place with around 40 incidents and Canada at third with 26.

When the two acts i.e., Australia’s Privacy Amendment and European General data protection, will be enforced in year 2018, these areas like UK, US, and Canada are going to explode more. These are the 2 most important major steps to protect digital data of the organization and applying privacy will impact a lot upon how firms are handling data protection with their consequences. It is always being a challenge for associating a cost with data breaches. Majority of times users are unable to determine the full repercussions extent. Two-third of the firm breached already shared price, which negatively has impacted a lot. Out of 65 organizations, there are around $52.40 billion shareholders who have to cost for it.

The corporate and the personal items privacy is surely at a high risk. It is a serious matter of concern for users because this may harm the processing growth of the organization. What is the best is to be determined at very earlier stage. We need to continuously promote the philosophy and measures of the security breach. This method of cybersecurity is known from the fact that the hackers are resourceful and will be finding a way in. The cybersecurity begins with the knowledge of a breach that is inevitable. Implementing these technologies will be reducing risk whenever the data breaches occur. Carrying out encryption in wider range and working with cybersecurity measures are some tips to low down the data breach impact. Saving and transmitting of the plaintext is one of the worst exercises for internal security. Else, it is the biggest surge for the increase in data breaches. Always remember that you are highly encrypting the crucial data when it is either in storage mode or for transferring mode. Also, remember to append the multi-factor authentication for protection again unauthorized access. This was the complete report on Data Breach Statistics 2017.