Data Privacy Vs. Data Protection: Track The Actual Difference Between Both

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 5th, 2021

Data breach incidents cause enormous issues, not only for industries but also for their customers. On basis of the company, lost data could range from relatively benign records to extreme personal information. However, in any situation, data exposure can cost a lot of money for fixing the scenario, and result in significant damage to the organization’s reputation. Despite the frequency of information exposure incidents and their popular publicity, not many users clearly understand the core concepts associated with data storage. For example – there are many companies worldwide who are unaware of the actual difference between data privacy and data protection. Therefore, here are some of the important points, which will help out the readers to figure out the comparison between data privacy vs data protection. Also, these bullets are going to contain the importance of systems to secure online assets.

Data Privacy Vs Data Protection

  • Protection Does Not Ensure Data Privacy = Data security is concentrated on securing assets from unauthorized access, whereas on the other hand data privacy defines ‘who has the authorized access permission.’ Users can say that data privacy standards are of a more process or legal situations, whereas data protection is a technical control system. One policy does not ensure the action of others, and business requires both for working together as an accurate control mechanism.
  • One to Address Regulation, Other Mechanisms = Data privacy regulations or policies govern the data use when it has been shared with any entity. Whereas on the other hand, data protection is all about mechanisms i.e., the procedures and tools. It is used to impose the regulation and policy that provides prevention from unauthorized use or misuse of confidential information.
  • Firms Ensure Protection & User Controls Privacy = The core distinction users should know regarding data privacy and data protection is that ‘who is controlling which part.’ The controls of data privacy are usually given to the end-users. They can control and manage the data shared with some other individuals. In the majority of cases, the responsibility of data protection comes under organizations that work with cloud computing technology to grow their business. Industries have to ensure that the privacy level their users have set is placed properly and at least their secretive data is secured.
  • Data Security From Sales Vs. Security From Hacks = Data privacy is all about holding the data from being shared or sold, while data protection system focuses mainly on keeping the information away from hackers. It is essential to brief this difference to cloud computing users and enforce a standard so as to what your industry does for each kind of data intrusion.
  • Data Protection Without Privacy Is Not Possible = Data privacy is about what users who have gathered your information data in a legal manner can and should do with that. Also, it involves the information control measures used for data retention and use. Well, data protection assures that your data is secured from unauthorized access from unknown entities. It is difficult to have true data privacy with cloud data security because of course, no one will secure the data they stole.
  • Ensure That Your Data Is Used For Specified Purpose = The comparison between data privacy vs data protection focuses on who we desire to share the information with versus what strategy we use to secure your information from everyone. At the level of data access, both mean the same thing. But the actual fact is that securing information from unauthorized use demands going more advance from a simple ACL scheme. It involves defending against all the risks of underlying machines.
  • Privacy Related Questions Need to Be Answered Firstly = Data protection is the operation to safeguard information already gathered, no matter what actually it is (PII, payment, or proprietary). Therefore, we commonly overlook and avoid the fact that a privacy measure precedes the query of security. The initial stage to deal with cloud computing security challenges is to question if collecting your records is essential at all; this arises the question of its security dispute.

Hope You Understood The Difference

Data privacy vs data protection defines the fact that information security is not possible to achieve without data privacy. One can consider that cloud security solutions is a package in which all measures to safeguard confidential information is stored, and one of the solutions is data privacy.