CASB Solutions for Data Security – How Safe Is an Enterprise Data over Cloud?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 30th, 2020

How Safe Is an Enterprise Data Over Cloud Network?

The benefits that cloud computing technology is offering are reflected in the year-on-year profits the organizations are registering owing to its use. It is then no surprise that more and more enterprises are increasingly jumping the cloud bandwagon and this is stated by the exponentially rising numbers of the enterprises hooking on to the cloud-based work environment. While the companies are definitely reaping the rich dividends of cloud technology through increased productivity and net profit, what they are ignorant about is the vulnerability of their confidential data and its misuses. With major corporate houses too eager to grasp the cloud technology, what they are left with is the gaps between the cloud security protocols, which when left unattended, have the ability to cause havoc for an enterprise. This is compounded by the fact that many of the cloud network service providers cannot helpfully when it comes to the matter of cloud data security and they also need some enhancements in the firm of third-party solutions that enterprises have to arrange at their end as a part of shared responsibility for cloud data security; thus highlighting the need for appropriate cloud security solutions. Hence, it becomes pertinent that companies deploy apt cloud security solutions when they migrate to the cloud and take the help from the best third-party cloud security vendors who work in a way that supplements the job of cloud service providers. In the cloud, data security has been a prime concern. CASB solutions for data security can do needful for enterprises seeking answers to cloud security.

CASB Solutions for Data Security in Cloud Computing

CASB solutions for data security are the perfect answer to the queries regarding the protection of confidential data and meeting of compliance measures. The demand for implementing Cloud Access Security Broker solutions is on the rise given the benefit it offers like the safeguarding of data and addressing the privacy concerns of the enterprises. Moreover, organizations need to think about deploying such solutions while migrating to the cloud so as to address the cloud security risks beforehand.

Cloud Security and Compliance go Hand-in-Hand

The enterprises need to ensure that compliance protocols laid by various regulatory bodies need to be met and this is the best way to cover-up the security gaps and thus protect the data from any cybercrime or data breaches. The stringent enforcement of regulatory compliance is the main driving force of all the enterprises working in a cloud-based environment to ensure that effective cloud data security measures are in place guarding their data over cloud networks. Any enterprise should consider data storage and management as the two basic concerns and make compliance mandatory when defining a cloud data security policy for it. More and more organizations are able to meet the challenge by implementing CASB solutions. Moreover, since enterprises have a shared-cloud environment, it becomes all the necessary that CASB solutions are rightly implemented since the security threat is amplified manifolds. Many-a-times, the data on the cloud is often invisible even to the enterprises who own it, and thus it is absolutely necessary that they safeguard their data sitting at various locations by a robust and effective CASB solution.

CASB Solutions for Data Security work as Corporate Gatekeepers

Whether organizations opt for a single-cloud strategy or multi-cloud strategy, it is a must that they have a good level of data protection for protecting the sensitive cloud data. Here, CASB security solutions help enterprises to keep the data safe and secure and very much in control and even meet the regulatory compliance needs and standards. It is normal that enterprises have concerns regarding the data and user security and compliance standards when they plan to migrate to the cloud. The CASB services amalgamate to the existing SaaS providers; thus strengthening them and ensuring that the enterprises have well control over the user access. This acts as a boost for the enterprises and they are able to trust the services with their highly valuable assets providing them with increased confidence to chalk out a well-planned cloud deployment solution. Not only do CASB solutions provide a high level of assurance for complete cloud data protection, but also help enterprises to adopt safe cloud practices and hence secure their sensitive data over the cloud networks.